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    RAZOR HD 22-48X65, Straight or Angled

    Want to buy Vortex RAZOR HD 22-48X65 Spotting Scope, Straight or Angled
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    300 PRC ADG Brass Issues? Whidden response?

    This. There are several threads across different forums. I had my barrel polished 0.002" at the web. On 4th firing of Hornady brass, no issues.
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    Meopta Meostar 10x42 B1.1 or Plus

    WTB Meopta Meostar 10x42 B1.1 or Plus
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    Need compact lightweight scope suggestion

    I put the SWFA ultralight on my 6.5 grendel. It's perfect for what your asking.
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    H1000 - Fort Worth TX

    Looking for 1-2 lbs. of H1000. I'll pay a premium.
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    Best small muzzle brake?

    Not to hijack, but I'm between the MBM 5 port Ti Beast and the Salmon River/Rockslide Ti Pro 3. Sounds like they're pretty similar in recoil handling. Does anyone have experience with both to know which one handles muzzle rise better?
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    Midsouth H1000 in stock

    Already gone. So frustrating. Feel like everyone is buying in excess because they fear it'll never come back. I've spoken with several people who have specifically stated "buying enough reloading supplies for children and grandchildren". Calm down people. I literally can't shoot a new gun I...
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    Lapua 300 prc brass @ Brownells 5/18

    Looks like I got an order in. Thanks so much.
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    CFE BLK in .44 Mag Revolver

    Thanks for this feedback
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    CFE BLK in .44 Mag Revolver

    This might be a long shot, but wondering if anyone has guidance on a starting load using CFE BLK in .44 mag. I have h110, but would like to save it for now. Instead, have a bunch of CFE BLK I have no other use for. Wanting to load a bunch of range loads (doesn't need to be hot) for various...
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    First custom rifle build (flood me with your suggestions or advice)

    Another vote for AG Composite stock, I think they're a bit underrated. A little more affordable than manners, and you'll probably get it much faster too. I also went with a Proof Carbon barrel, Pre-fit for Defiance. Local gunsmith torqued it on for $25. He said headspace came in almost perfect.
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    300 prc brass

    Got them on the phone just now, sold out.
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    Howa Carbon

    Do we know the actual weight of the Carbon Elevate in 6.5 CM?
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    HAWKINS LONG RANGE HYBRID RINGS Defiance LA 30mm Low (0.50") NIB

    New in Box - HAWKINS LONG RANGE HYBRID RINGS Defiance LA 30mm Low (0.50") Ended up needing High rings. $120 Shipped to CONUS. Paypal Friend and Family or add 3%.
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    Introducing the Jack Hammer

    Put me down for a few hundred in .44 mag.