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    Sierra gamechangers

    Load them with a stiff load of Retumbo in my 7mm Practical, 165gr, extremly tight groups, long range target load, havent used them hunting.
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    REM 700 LH BOLT/ trade

    Sorry stainless steel
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    REM 700 LH BOLT/ trade

    Will trade a brand new Rem 700 LH bolt Magnum for a Rem 700 RH bolt also Magnum. I will pay ship you pay return ship. thanks,
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    Remington 700 bolt trade

    Will trade a standard Remington 700 bolt standard boltface for a Magnum boltface. Perfect working condition. Serial A6488...
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    Custom 20in. .300 Win Mag

    Defiance action, Proof research barrel, Custom muzzlebreak, jewell trigger.
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    Remington 700 LH bolt

    iM LOOKING for a left hand long action magnum bolybolt I havea standard one.
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    Building off of a savage action

    My Savage build up...... its a Revelation model, with a Krieger 1 in tube in 6.5creedmoor, extremly accurate rig, 1 sight group 3 shots at 300 mts, in calm days I can go to 4 in plates at 500 mts, with my 20moa picattiny rail zero at 300 mts can can go to 1500mts easily, and yes would make...
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    Im looking for a Rem 700 left hand bolt MAGNUM will trade for a left hand bolt standard. thanks. J
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    WTB Rem 700 Magnum bolt no firing pin only bolt or will change for a standard .473 boltface. Private message pse. thanks. j
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    Share your Barnes XLR bullet experiences

    Ive been using them exclusively for a very long time BARNES TSX tipped bullets for my clients, they have used them all around the world from tiny to large, elephant on the end, in this BARNES flatbase. All cooper, and for sure stands penetration from stem to stem. Making old and for sure will...
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    .338 lapua magnum project

    thank you for your replies. Im starting the break in of the barrel but for sure one word.-awesome- it kicks like a .270 and now using 285Hornadys .338. Will post some pics when I start load development. I have 2 others .338.- One in a Weatherby action with a num.4 contour barrel no magnaport...
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    .338 lapua magnum project

    SPECS.- Remington 700 action blueprinted Krieger flutted barrel straight and heli Twisted barrel muzzlebreak Manners stock glass bedded. Nightforce bases and rings Swarovski X5I scope.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED .408 action wtb

    Im looking for a .408 stiller or.....action, plan to build a .375 cheytac imp. In the state of Texas pse. Austin,Forthworth,Hou Area. Pse P.M.