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    SELLER: Factory stocks for sale

    Need to put AD in gun parts section....
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    New format thoughts

    No pop-ups here either,,,,,one blessing
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    New format thoughts

    I guess the reaction# is our LIKES NOW:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
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    New format thoughts

    SAME HERE:mad: only took 45 deals to get (THREE)trader points,figure 4-5yrs might get #4........LOL
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    New format thoughts

    How about adding the buying and trading back to members,(helped to see if they were doing any business with folks)
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    SELLER: tesoro

    Easy to work with and on top of shipping as payment arrived..Thanks for the books....
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    SELLER: camotruck

    Even with life getting in the way ,still took time to ship out a package,awesome,this gent is GTG...
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    SELLER: cburgin72

    GTG everything was as posted (excellent)fast shipping to boot..
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    SELLER: B-Lot banga

    Great guy to work with ,I would deal with him anytime,,,no issues whatsoever!Keep us up to date if you can....
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    Help- I’m squeamish

    Easiest method PERIOD...:p:)
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    For Sale Ruger No1 7MM Rem Mag

    Post in the guns for sell also..
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    2020 SHOT Show: Day 1 (Tuesday, Jan 21, 2020)

    Yes and a thank you from FL..nothing new on the 7LRM brass??
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Revic PMR 428

    REVIC 4 FOR 4 SALE:):):):):):):):):)