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    Powder at Hodgon

    lol! Have another hour of clickiing i guess. maybe I can get the kids to do it !
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Burn Rate Chart

    Here is what I have
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    Powder Scales Use 'cambridge' in the discount coupon spot and its 465.00
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    H-S Precision PLR 7STW

    Just a little note, HS Precision is actually in Rapid City.
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    H-S Precision PLR 7STW

    I think everyone here knows what a tremendous deal this is. The ONLY reason its not on its way to my gun safe is that I just ordered a new H-S Precision gun myself, oh, and a case annealer! So now short of $$$!
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    H-S Precision PLR 7STW

    Lol! Crap I just ordered a rifle from them on Monday!!
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    New scope 264 win mag

    Have you looked at these. The weight looks ideal. RS.3 Riflescope – Maven Outdoor Equipment Company (
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    I would like to know how goodor bad a tract Toric scope is

    I have a 4x20 Toric ffp in MOA. It is absolutely some of the best glass I have looked thru. Turrets are very crisp. I don't think you will be disappointed in the product
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    Case length trimmer

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    Reloading questions on 280AI and 270WSM

    I have exactly the same cooper rifle in 280ai, I have been working with 55.5 gr h4831sc. Producing .52 group for 5 shots
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    Scope Recommendations

    I do have the file but can't get it to upload. Will keep trying
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    Caliber choices

    I have 3 coopers. .300 wm, .280AI, 6.5x.284. All are so very accurate with a variety of bullets. You will not go wrong with the .300wm.