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    First build need a smith

    Well it't time to build my 700 and need a good gun smith perferbly here in Wi. I am thinking a krieger #10 or #11 in 300win 1-10 twist 180gr +, needs piller bed, trigger and free float and all the other good stuff:)
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    Wyoming units 20, 21 & 22

    Well I'm back lots of goats in 21 its just hard finding them on public land. The first day they were running all over but they got educated and pushed to the private chunks. Forget the west end of 21 it is mountians and no speedsters make shure you have a gps or good maps cause the public land...
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    Longest Handgun Kill

    My longest was a 9 point at 145-50 yds, I was sitting, rested on my knee with a fox ridge outfitters .308 encore 150gr nsbt. He ran 30yd down hill piled under a big pine tree
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    Wyoming units 20, 21 & 22

    Well i leave for area 21 on the 13th let you know when i get back. Hopfully fill up early so i can scout for muleys.
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    Swarovski $1,600 Z5 Rifle Scope Give Away Contest

    "Enter Me In The Swarovski Z5 Rifle Scope Contest". :cool:

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