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    berger vs ABLR

    I have used ABLR 142gr out of a 6.5 on multiple deer from 100yds out to 500yds and have great results most were DRT a few went about 20yds
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    New format thoughts

    Where did the classifieds go to
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    New format thoughts

    I liked the old format better
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    Go To Long Range Bullet

    Can you please explain what you mean when you say throwing out the parachute. Thanks
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    Successful kid on her first antelope hunt

    Congrats to you a Congrats to you and your daughter
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    Looking at an Annealeez

    What is difference between the AMP induction and the Giruad Fluxeon induction Is one system better than the other
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    Looking at an Annealeez

    Has anyone had any experience with the AMP machine. Good or bad
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    Front rest for kneeling

    Take a look at the swagger bipod
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    All setup for long range, then . . .

    WOW. Congrats how did the hammer hunter perform
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    Prayers for missing Hunter in Utah

    Prayers sent
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    6.5 Caliber 140 gr. too lite for Elk ?

    Congrats to your son on a great bull