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    Lapua Shipping Box

    Just pop the top cartridge holder off the lid with your pocket knife and fit it down in the box over the other holder/organizer. I use them in .308Win., 6.5-284Norma and 6mmBR Norma.
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    For Sale WTS/WTT Canik TP9SA V2

    Nice pistol and great price! I have the SA/DA version with decocker in bronze color and it shoots. One of the most accurate 9mm pistols I have ever shot. I don't think buyer will be disappointed. GLWS.
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    Reloading 6.8 western
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    Powder on hand as of this morning

    Thanks man.
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    Which brand of 300 win mag

    I'll start off and admit I don't own any of the rifles you mentioned but I think the new Browning X-Bolt Western Hunter is what I would go with. The .300 WinMag comes with a 8t barrel! Definitely tailored for the Long Range community. I also like they have it in the new 6.8 Western (a "Creed...
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    looking for a new rifle

    Nothing comes to mind with a factory 8t barrel, but I wish! I have always admired the AI's and a 28", 243AI in 7t (for 110gn and up) is on my wish list, as is a .22-250AI (7t). Savage makes rifles in the 6mmCM w/8t barrels. Not a CM fan but a .243AI reamer might would clean up a 6CM chamber but...
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    BL-C2 Powder in 6MM BR

    I have not, but would surely try it if that's what I had. Hodgdon list it on its reloading website. Max load is 30gn @ 2644fps (44200CUP) with a 7 1/2 Rem primer. Of course you know, YMMV. :)
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    Checkering tools

    Forgive my ignorance but 2-18; 2 for 2 line and -18 or -20 for lines per inch?
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    For Sale Trade 2 boxes 225 ELD M for 205 Elite Hunter

    We understand.....we all likes what we likes...good luck with your search...
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    Checkering tools

    What 2 tools?
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    Sorting and load development question

    I'm kinda doing the same thing with my 7RM. I have a case (500rds) of R P brass that I bought years ago at a gun show. I used them on a 7Mag Sendero and went through each case 2 or 3 times. I took pretty good care of it, annealing it once and I remember doing a outside neck turn on them once...
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    See how grass affects your bullet

    Too many brownies!...
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    4350 Powders

    "Am I totally wrong wanting to try to use one powder for all? All of the belted calibers listed, Lymans say the IMR 4350 propellant is very accurate. Toss on the next challenge: wanting to get exclusive with hammer bullets because of CA. so load development is even less available… Ideas...
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    Checkering tools

    I think you may be correct sir. The checkering riffler looks like just the ticket. They sure are proud of those tools. No wonder gunsmith charge so much, right? Thank you.