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    Need a NEW Hand Primer (with tray) Suggestions Please !

    I have used the LEE for years and have been through a couple of them. The die cast aluminum thumb lever had been the weak link for me. Had a friend mill one out and it has lasted almost 20 years but just last week the cast aluminum body chipped and broke, so now primers are not getting seated...
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    Dial vs digital calipers

    I suppose one is just as accurate as the other and it's personal preference I guess. I prefer digital (everything) over analog. Just who I am I guess. Go, go gadget! :)
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    Old Guy, New member in NC

    Welcome aboard Mr. Lee!
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    Borescope Images - Help me identify...

    Boy, ain't that the truth! Got mine Thursday and I have almost cleaned every centerfire I own. I took Friday off and it took all day to clean three rifles (6mmBR, 6.5-284 & .270 Allen Magnum). The 6BR was the easiest, only 3-400 rounds shot, Shilen barrel and not an over bore cartridge at all...
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    Lowering ES and SD

    I'm no expert on the subject but a couple of things I have noticed is neck tension and bullet design. I think seating depths and pressure(s) also play a role but don't know enough yet. Specific neck tension is a new "learning curve" for me. All I ever really knew was that it needed to be...
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    308 norma or 6.5x284

    It's all relevant. :)
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    6.5x284 loads

    I found this from an earlier post from me on this site: Running the 147gn ELD-M's through 28" Lothar Walther barrel, .010" off LaG, ahead of 56.5gn of Retumbo, Norma brass and BR2's. Getting average of 3017fps with ES of 14 / SD of 7. Accuracy is running in the .3-.4's. In Mar 2018 I tried the...
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    300 wm 178 eld-x or 200 eld-x

    Welcome aboard! Lately I've been shooting the 212gn ELD-X in my 300WinMag. I used a finishing reamer (Ryan Mantha) on my Pac-Nor 28", 9t SAAMI spec chamber to specifically use the 215gn Berger Hybrid. It performed great with the Bergers but I ran out and then came across a good deal on some 212...
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    6mm texan

    Sounds interesting. What is the parent case? Hard to form?
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    The 27 Nosler, it's official!

    I think the 170 Berger just doesn't like to be shot over 3200 fps, especially in such a fast twist barrel. Hmm, I don't have any problems running them in a "Kirby Built" .270 Allen Magnum, 30" Lilja, 8t at 3400fps (US869). This is a 3 groove barrel and there's reports out there of once these...
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    "OLD" New guy here

    Welcome aboard from Eastern North Carolina. Glad to have you. I'm kinda long in the tooth myself but still learning.
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    Kenton Custom dial questions and suggestions needed

    The Hornady 4DOF will give you the information (i.e. drops every 50yds) you're needing. I just tried my .300WinMag (under Favorites) and if you have your rifle and environment info right you are good to go. Touch the red "chart" box, bottom right of the 4DOF HUD screen. Once you depress this...
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    Re-barreling a 300 Win Mag looking for suggestions

    Consider the .264 WinMag. w/8 twist barrel. Would be awesome with 156gn Bergers and 150gn SMK's.
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    Calling all 270 cal loyals.

    Yeah, I usually don't setup or plan for anything to come out at PB range when I hunt with the .270 "Howitzer" Allen Mag. With it being so heavy (almost 16lbs) and the DE muzzle brake, impact shots can usually be seen through the Leupold before the little bit of recoil pushes you back. With the...
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    Calling all 270 cal loyals.

    Kinda looking forward to the 165gn ABLR hitting the streets. Not sure I can efficently shoot them in my 30" Lilja, 3g, 8t 270 Allen Magnum but I'm going to try. Kirby said the ABLR's were too soft for this RUM based round but that was the 150gn on down. Pretty sure I could easily get them to...