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    Interesting Fact about Black Bears

    Came across this article from Outdoorlife, Apparently, Black Bears are super smart!
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    A Cool New E-Bike for Hunting

    We just added a new brand called UBCO bikes. It's a very unique electric hunting bike when compared to other brands on the market today. If you are interested, You can know more about it here:
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    ONX Hunt vs Gaia GPS

    Which software do you prefer and why? Onx Hunt or Giaa GPS?
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    What to do when preadators attack

    Found this article on Outdoorlife. Figured you guys would find this interesting:
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    Where do you find used hunting gear?

    Looking to buy a compound bow
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    Where do you find used hunting gear?

    Hi folks, Looking for a suggestion. Do you know any good websites to find used hunting gear?
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    This is crazy!

    Found this article on OutdoorLife - -This guy survived a grizzly attack for a week!
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    Hunting Outfitters by State

    Thanks for this list. The first I swapped in to the NV page of top outfitters. I appreciate the help in making the list better. PriceTrophy Hunts I was unable to find a website but if I uncover it I'll add that too.
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    Hunting Outfitters by State

    @NVGuide who should we put on the list for NV?
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    Hunting Outfitters by State

    Those outfitters didn't contribute anything. Some don't even know they made the list. We cast a survey in another forum and asked guys to reply with the outfitters they would recommend and when we had a few for each state we created a resource. Nobody pays to be on that list and if anyone...
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    Hunting Outfitters by State

    As the Deer Hunting season is closing in, we put together this list of some of the top hunting outfitters in the US by state. Hope you find this helpful!
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    Who is your favorite hunting influencer?

    Hi Folks, I recently put together this list of the best hunting influencers. It's currently a small list and I am looking to add more people to it. If you have an influencer or a blog you love, please leave a comment below and let me know. I would love to add them to the list!
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    Hunting with E-bikes

    I don't have my own image but here's one from a friend-
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    Anybody using ATVs for hunting?

    Is anybody using ATVs for scouting? Would love to know what your experience has been so far (pros and cons)?
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    Benefits of Electric Hunting Bikes

    I recently wrote an article on the Benefits of Electric Hunting Bikes. Would love to know your thoughts?