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    Water purification

    i've never used it with a pump. My wife and kids also have their own filter. Its only about 6 oz. so you really don't notice a change in weight in your pack.
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    Where in the US do you live?

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    Difference in brass question

    What is PPU?
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Hornady 168g BTHP Match

    30 cal????
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    Proud Father

    As every proud father does. I would like to welcome my two daughters Mackenzie (12) and Sara (11) to the 1/4 mile club. This last Saturday they both rang steel at a 1/4 mile. I couldn't be happier that they love shooting as much as I do. Now lets see if I can get them out to a half mile. They...
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    Water purification

    I use a Sawyer and it is the best filter i have ever used for the cost. $20 to filter 100,000 gallons.
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    Does any one use trijicon scopes here and are they any good?
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    I use the CCI large rifle primers loading for loading my 308 and i'm about to run out. I have a case of CCI large rifle magnum primers that i use for a 7mm mag. Can i use them in my 308 brass? What issues will it cause?