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    Arizona ban on trail cams

    On private property I see no issues...however, I do like to have trail cameras for the purpose of security....On private property if I find someone trespassing and I have it on camera, its much proof of the infraction than by word alone... This is for the they will ban other...
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    What binoculars and power are you all using for hunting and scouting in open country

    I use a Redfield 10x42. They are owned by Leupold now and I can look behind that glass all day without getting eye strain. I would eventually like to get a Swarovski or Zeiss, but for now they work. maybe next Christmas. I do have a pair of Leupold 8x25 (Rogue) and while they are GREAT for...
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    Help with Right handed / left eye dominant teen shooter

    So my experience with a buddy of mine with the similar issue. He put a parallax free RDS on one of his pistols and started getting lots more hits...Got him conditioned to hold and look down the barrel in a way that helped him shoot much better. After that, he switched over to irons and it was...
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    Please help me age this deer

    Looking at the pictures, I would say 2.5-3 years old. He is still a young buck by looking at the back above his shoulder. An older buck would have a more distinct hump over their shoulder.
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    Would you eat this bull?

    Looks like he may have had a fight with another bull (puncher into his brisket) causing injury, hence loss of weight. His body was stressed due to the injury but I would eat it, provided you can take the skull to the biologist to get tested along with a blood sample for respiratory disease...
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    I have caught myself snoring while out in the woods...On those mornings, I didn't bag anything shortly after I waking up to a loud snore. The woods were very birds, squirrels barking, etc...That tells me everyone in earshot could hear me...Get to bed early and hopefully you won't...
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    Do I need a chronograph?

    If you just need to use it once or twice, maybe ask to borrow one to get numbers for a preferred load? I know at my shooting range, if you want to shoot Mid-to-Long Range, you have to qualify and that process requires you to share your loading information along with chronograph readings (SD...
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    Disappointed in non-resident hunters

    I hunt WY regularly as an non-resident. Bad apples on both sides. For Elk Hunting, we hunt in Grizzly country and the problems mentioned here are far and few in between in those areas, and the Elk Hunting is AWESOME. From a trash perspective you HAVE to be 'Bear-Aware' there (i.e. we keep a...
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    For my brother what caliber

    Agree, love the Savage Bolt Actions, but have a hard time finding the Savage 99 Lever Action under $500. Henry makes some beautiful Lever Actions as well (Long Ranger), but again, hover way above the $500 criteria.
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    For my brother what caliber

    Does your brother reload? That opens up more options. But Caliber isn't as straight forward without some other information. But considering the following: - The 270, 30-06 or 260Rem in Bolt Action is hard to beat... tried and true for Deer all the way up to Elk and Black Bear. - Recoil...
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    What ia the best long range scope you have used ?

    I have used a SWFA SS 3-15x (non-HD) scope and it has served me very well out to 1200 yards. I have been behind other (S&B, Vortex Razor, Zeiss, Leupolds) on the higher dollar end and while they are slightly crisper, the real difference shows at low-light levels... They have known to be on...
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    Cheap Truck Gun set ups

    My grandfather had an old Topper 12-gauge single shot chambered for 3" as his truck gun with a mix of slugs, 00 and #7.5 shot-shells. 95% of the shots were well below 75-yards (your mileage may vary). And he never missed... He us to wipe it down every now and then with motor oil from the...
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    Berger close up on game performance

    Had similar experience on Deer/Antelope with 308 on 175gr Berger Hybrids. Switched to 175gr Berger Hunting VLD and have experienced very good expansion with good exit wound and 'mushy' lungs. Its my go-to round for Antelope/Deer/Elk and possibly would give it a go with Moose within 250-yards...
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    Best scope under $600

    One thing I will add, is that a 'cheap' scope will cause you to shoot more (whether for initial dial-in and subsequential dial-ins over time) cause of its inability to hold zero and track well. Over time you will spend more on ammo than simply getting a quality scope to begin with. All things...
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    What happened to gun shows?

    Many Sellers at gunshows are still in the mindset of 'using the political climate to maximize profits'. There are other places to work out great deals than going to gunshows.