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    Show me your favorite Coyote gun

    Sako in 17 Rem and H-S Precision Bolt Pistol in 6mmBR
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    New build suggestions

    I have a HS Precision Varmint Pistol in 243Win with a 15in barrel and load 70gr Noslers to 3100fps with IMR 4064. I have taken 46 called coyotes with it and 1 nice 10pt Whitetail. I also have another Varmint Pistol in 6mmBR with a 15in barrel and load 70gr Noslers to 3050fps and have taken 50...
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    300 WSM tatical pistol

    That is a nice looking Tube Pistol you have there! I keep thinking of one made with a Carbon fiber tube and grip assembly with a light weight barrel and scope. A tall Harris bipod with the legs made of carbon fibre too. Would make a nice hunting rig.... It don't hurt to dream.lightbulb
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    Snowshoes for coyote hunting

    They are 10"x56" and go thru stuff like this all the time. You just have to look ahead and plan your route. The rubber bindings are Bob Maki's but you can make them too.I like them.
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    Snowshoes for coyote hunting

    I use them alot. I feel like an old trapper everytime I put them on.
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    557-yd. AR-15 Coyote

    Another great shot Steve good going.I was out calling a few days ago and had a coyote standing broadside about that same distance but I knew my shooting skills were not up to the task so I let it pass.Keep up the good work.
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    My 6.5-270 WSM XP and 6.5-20 HUMR

    JLK is just my initials. I look forward to seeing more pics of your hunts.It sure is different terrain than the wooded forest where I live in northern Michigan.
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    My 6.5-270 WSM XP and 6.5-20 HUMR

    I seem to shoot about ½’’ lower @ 100yds when I go from a BR bipod to a tall bipod with my XP 6mm-223 and H-S 6mmBR. I do not have muzzle brakes on them and wonder if that would make a difference. I always hunt with a tall bipod and sight in with it on.
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    My 6.5-270 WSM XP and 6.5-20 HUMR

    Very nice rig sscoyote and great shot. I do have a question though. Does your zero change when you go from a BRbipod and sandbag rest to a sitting position with a tall bipod with the grip resting on your knee?
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    Pistol or Rifle Scope for Handguns

    One thing that is important to help you choose between a rifle or pistol scope is your shooting position that you will use.I like to use a sitting position with the pistol grip resting on my knee like this .The seat I use has a built in backrest so I can sit anywhere and it carries like a...
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    Longest Handgun Kill

    I do not consider myself a long range hunter, but enjoy this forum. My longest handgun kill is 410yds on a coyote with my 243 H-S Varmint pistol . I was calling over a small frozen lake when a coyote came out on the opposite side about 500yds across and started to come along the edge towards me...

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