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    7mm SAUM or 6.5 PRC

    More heavy bullet options in 7mm. The prc will be easier to find loaded ammo for if that matters to you. The prc doesnt have a rebated rim. Adg, bertram, and hornady are the only sources for brass for either cartridge that im aware of. Pretty much a toss up. Id go 7mm though
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    Thinking of a new build and need advice on caliber

    A 338 cal 230 grn ELDX at 2300 fps would put you really close to 1500 ft/lbs and 1800 fps at 400 yards. I dont think youd get there with a 338 federal in a 12" barrel. A 338 wsm, saum, ss,sst would all likely get you there. A 338 rcm might as well.
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    For Sale HS Precision stock

    I think that might be an hs precision stock. Good luck with sale.
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    Most potent long range elk cartridge with .473 bolt face

    Probably not worth the effort but you could do a 7mm or 30 cal wildcat off of weatherby's 6.5 RPM. It would have a significant bump in case capacity over all other standard bolt face cartridges. The 6.5 rpm has a case capacity of 83 grns h20, 280 AI is 68 grns, 300 win mag is 94 grns. Probably...
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    7mm rem mag build

    For what you want (light weight, folding stock, short barrel, suppressor ready) the Sig Cross seams like the best answer. Its not out yet and isnt available in traditional magnums but if their 277 fury round will do what they say it seems like the best answer for what you are trying to do.
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    Ultimate 7

    A long throated 7mm blaser mag should get a 195 pretty close to 3000 with the right powder. The improved version should definitely make 3000. I have no firsthand experience though.
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    Thoughts on Lever Action

    I have a rossi 92 that i love. Clone of the win 92. The model 92s are much smoother than the 94s in my experience. If your looking for something light and handy to use with open sights a 92 clone in 44 mag would be a good option.
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    A race to the bottom

    For every story about a factory rifle that wont shoot or prefit barrel thats junk there is also a story about a smith that put out junk, missed their deadline by a year or never returned a gun. Some smiths are real craftsman and good honest people that deserve respect and all the business they...
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    I have a Bogpod Deathgrip and am happy with it. At 8.5 lbs Its not light but very solid and I can get pretty steady behind it. You can get an aluminum one 2 day free shipping for $127. If nothing else its a good way to try out the concept. The other options out there are significantly more money.
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    30-06 re barrel?

    6.5 rpm or 6mm rem ai with a fast twist barrel. Both would be pretty flat shooting and have tons of high bc bullets available.
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    .22 Bolt Gun Precision Trainer

    Ruger just introduced the american rimfire long range target. For the money it looks good but would like to handle one in person.
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    What to re-barrel my 6.5x284

    With a savage you could swap boltheads and magazine boxes and make it pretty much anything you wanted. Could swap in a magnum bolthead and do a 300wm or 338 wm. Different from what you already have and lots of factory ammo available for those.
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    I want to get into duck hunting

    I have a stoeger m3500 ive been really happy with. Their owned by beretta/benelli. They are short recoil operated similar too a benelli. Its a 3.5" gun. If i was doing it over again id go for a 3".
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    Opinions on Bullet Designs

    For a one size fits all bullet id look at the federal edge tlr. They sell loaded ammo and bare bullets. Kinda like you combine the front half of an Accubond LR with the back half of a barnes. They also have a hollow plastic tip that is supposed to help with slow speed expansion. Their 200 grain...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED 20" Proof carbon fiber 308 winchester barrel

    Ill take it per our PMs

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