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    Opinions needed

    Changemaster Lite on sale...
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    Erik Cortina

    So what are you getting at? Are you suggesting Erik Cortina is full of it? Because he is selling (hawking) his tuner-brakes. How about all the video interviews he has provided with leaders of the F Class community? Shooters, gunsmiths, and machinists of the industry. Many a time he has said, "...
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    Cheap scope feasibility

    look at the SWFA scopes. $299.00 for many of their fixed power. they usually have a big sale on Black Friday. Turrets are good on these scopes. Glass for this price range is good. Made in Japan by Light Optics Works.
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    Savage 110 Action Fix

    now that you mention it, I remember how easy it was to remove just the extractor. The first time I took apart and reassembled the entire bolt, I took pictures. now it's easy and quick. kind of surprised that Savage hasn't addressed this issue in a more consumer-friendly manner.
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    Savage 110 Action Fix

    Would it have been possible to use a Dremel-like tool with a small stone to hone down the ejector without having to disassemble the bolt?
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    Brass rubbing off in chamber

    Just a question for somebody that has experience with this issue. Trying to put it in the simplest of words: When shooting a round you are fireforming the brass to match the imperfections of the chamber. And when ejecting the fired brass, a portion of the case is ‘abraded’ off and leaving the...
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    AGS Annealer?

    correct, my mistake, looks like it's at about 3:15 or so into it
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    AGS Annealer?

    I understand. Would you consider putting out the extra cash and purchasing the AMP? If you had another reloading mate, then you could share the cost of one machine. I'm really happy with what I have but tempted to go out and buy the AMP so I can be everyone's friend.
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    Question about

    they have rifle powder in stock. has anyone purchased from this business before.
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    AGS Annealer?

    is that a can of acetone on the same tabletop as his annealer? pause the video at 7:17
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    AGS Annealer?

    I purchased the Annealeez unit about 8 months ago. Just yesterday I annealed 100 cases. I timed the process at just under12 minutes. With about 5 minutes of setup that included connecting the propane bottle and adjusting the flame and cycle rate. My average rate was 7 seconds per case. Unless...
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    AMP Annealer Setting for 300 RUM

    funny you mention that. my box of Lapua .308 came with one extra. not 100 but 101
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    SS pins - a note of caution

    I still use the Frankford SS wet tumbler. But I did switch from the stainless pins to the stainless chips. I find that they do a better job of cleaning out both the inside of the case and the primer pockets. Checking the inside of each case is a must for safety. Takes a bit longer, but results...
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    Need help analyzing data for velocity node.

    I can’t seem to find that illusive ‘velocity node’ when I graph out these values. I would greatly appreciate Anyone with experience that can look at these numbers and shed some light on just where there is or isn’t a node. Rifle Savage model 12, new Shilen 26-inch bull barrel (36 total shots)...
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    What equipment is needed for putting a savage nut type barrel on my tikka?

    are you doing a re-barrel? I ask, because I just got a new Shillen barrel for my Savage and will be putting it on soon. I got the action wrench, nut wrench and go/no-go gauges. I'm also under the impression a torque wrench is suggested.