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    Barrett EX-Rings?

    I use an older version and they are rock solid. The newer ones have 20 and 40 moa setting and the older ones are adjustable with no setting. Meaning you can adjust it 10 moa or 34 moa or any other moa to suit your needs. If you are doing longrange with the newer ones you would probable set it at...
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    Cheytac load data needed

    Barrel length is 29 inches. Id like to use RL-25 powder or 50bmg. Gun is RND semi auto. Thanks Mitch. (In not were I can measure a case for ocl until next week.)
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    Cheytac load data needed

    Im looking for load data for the 408 caliber- cutting edge bullet in 390 grain. I usually shoot 419 grain bullets.etc in my bolt gun but working up a load in a semi auto. I want to try a lighter bullet and need a starting place. Thanks!
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    Longest Rifle Shot Ever Made

    I have personally shot 3500 but the longest I have heard is by Skip Talbot at 4000.
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    SRI suppressor jail break.

    Edward - glad you got the info.
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    SRI suppressor jail break.

    SRI (jail break) review of Trident 9 suppressor - YouTube if you have been on the fence about doing this dont be. They did fantastic job.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED 338 edge semiauto

    double post
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    SOLD/EXPIRED 338 edge semiauto

    I'm great. Hope you are doing well. Good luck with the sale of the gun. Its a special gun!
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    SOLD/EXPIRED 338 edge semiauto

    By the way this is the worlds first semiauto 338 edge as far as I know.
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    Hunting with a suppressors (aka-silencer) question?

    You don't need paperwork to go across state lines unless you have a SBR or machine-gun. Silencers don't need additional forms like SBR's,etc.
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    Scopes for 2000+

    I have been using the Night force NXS 5.5-22 power with Npr2 ridicule. I have shot it out to 3500 yards with my cheytac. I could spot impacts with out a problem. The conditions were very dry and I could see the dirt or rocks 'splash".
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    408 Cheytac

    The 408 is a real comittment. unless you plan on shooting over 2500 yards....(allot) go with the 338's
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    Old school rangefinders

    Here is mine and how it works Close up look of how a 1942 Barr and Stroud rangefinder works - YouTube
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    Pictures of big heavy longrange rifles -let's see them.

    Read the description. Cheytac m200 with 50bmg conversion :D
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    Pictures of big heavy longrange rifles -let's see them.

    Cheytac m200 with 50bmg conversion and suppressor- about 39 pounds. Is that heavy enough?