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    Rem 700 TI won't shoot

    Just a thought
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    Rem 700 TI won't shoot

    The TI is fairly light and has a fair amount of recoil. I know I dont shoot well with a rifle with both of those qualities
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    Bullet drift no wind

    It sounds like your scope might not be aligned with your barrel. What base and rings are on your rifle? I have had that problem with the scope out of alignment myself.
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    Timney trigger for remington advice

    The last Jewell Trigger I got I ordered from Jewell direct but expect 6-8 week before they get to your order as they are not a big company Jewell Triggers Inc 3620 N State Highway 123 San...
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    Huskavarna 7mm mag

    The easiest way I know of to be sure it is not the scope is to try one you know is good. Did the gun shoot good in the past? If so what have you changed? What scope do you have on it? I had a weaver in the mid 70's that always worked well until something came loose from a hard hit and it did...
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    Huskavarna 7mm mag

    If it's shooting as bad as you say, I would start by making sure the scope is good and go from there.
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    Hunting on public land, any tips?

    Looking at your picture, nice buck, not nice muzzle position
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    SWAROVSKI OPTIK Laser Guide 8x30 Range Finder Problems

    I used a friends Swaro last year to compare to my Leica 900 and a buddies new Leica 1200 over wheat fields as I was wanting to upgrade. It ranged great, just couldn't see the numbers. Went with a new Leice 1600 for that reason.
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    New binoculars?

    Just got the Vortex Viper HD 10x42 and love them.Great glass for the money, and lifetime warranty no matter what the cause of the problem.
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    Installing Turrets on Regular Scope

    What scope are you trying to put turrets on?
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    Long Range shots - elevation right on always to the right

    x 2 on that. Same thing I said a few replys ago 4.75 inches in 300 yds is a little much for drift I would say something is not set up quite right just yet
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    Long Range shots - elevation right on always to the right

    I would agree with the with the explanation of why the POI would be 10” to the right at 1000 yds. due to spin and coriolis drift if POI was dead on at 100 yds. However, NVHUNTER1 states that POI is 3/4” left at 100 yds. (8-24 post) and 4” rt. at 400 yds. with dead on at 200 in his opening post...
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    Long Range shots - elevation right on always to the right

    I re-read your post and things don't add up to me. zeroed @ 200 yds 4" rt @ 400 = 2 moa (4" in the next 200 yds = 2moa shift from 200-400 yds 6" rt @ 600 =1.5 moa (6" shift in 400 yds from 200-600) 8 "rt @ 800 =1.3 moa (8"shift in 600 yds from200-800) Whats it do at 100 have you had anyone...
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    Long Range shots - elevation right on always to the right

    phorath had basicaly the same problem that he posted in Nov. 08 see Left @ 300 yds - Right @ 1000 yds? WTH? here was my sugestion Re: Left @ 300 yds - Right @ 1000 yds? WTH? I don't know what bases you are using, solid or windage adjustable, but I had the same problem with my 300Win...
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    Best rangefinder

    I used both the Leica & Swaro on my hunt last year to compare in the field side by side. The Swaro ranged a little farther but the Leica was a lot easier to read the range. I didn't care for the orange color of the Swaro's readout as it blended with the color of background. I realy liked the...