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    Savage 6.5-284

    After 1 year of ordering I finally received it. It needed little work to take it to the range to sight in and fire form some brass. I had big time extrations problem from the start, flaten primer and a deep scratch on the case. I tried a diff powder at a milder load with the same problems. I...
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    22-250 build

    I have been a lurker, thought I may jump in with a ? as I have few answers. I have a new 24" hvy barrel from a Remington 700 vls that I had made into a 6.5-284. I should put this barrel to use. I am considering a Rem. 40x action (if available), single shot would be ok. A 16-24x fixed target...
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    Swarovski $1,600 Z5 Rifle Scope Give Away Contest

    "Enter Me In The Swarouski 75 Rifle Scope Contest" Jim Rador
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    Seat into the lands or "jump"?

    I usually seat at .010 off. I noticed a thread on another board about a shooter having great luck in accuracy with a 100 g hornady bullet in a 7mm mag. I tried it in my Ruger 77. Using the formula that the bullet must be seated a min of its diameter, this load worked out to .26+inches in jump. 5...
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    I want to do a 6.5 upper in a AR-15, would have to be a wss. My other choice is a 6.5 in a Ar-10. I want to use this as a hog hunting, and other close game hunting. Some long range target would be nice. I have a Bushy Preditor, so maybe the 450 upper would be the way to go. Jim
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    .260 loads

    I have a 6.5-284, which not the same, but with the 140 A-MAX it shot the same as the Sierra, with clover leaf groups, loaded for 2950 fps useing IMR4831 at 44.0. Shot the chrony so I have no clue as to actual fps. This powder or similar. I looked up the loads in the Hornady manual and they are...
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    Serria Bullets!

    Some time ago 70's, there was a attempt to curtail reloaders access to primers. A political move by the liberals and it worked. Ever since then I make sure I have big supply of bullets and primers. Cases and powder have never been a problem for me as of yet!! Jim
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    Muzzle breaks.

    I try out alot of hand loads in 338 and 7mm mag, looking for ???. At the bench I was getting beat up trying new loads out with either rifle. I went to brakes and have never looked back. When hunting it makes a lot of noise but at 60 yrs old and one shot its not going to damage my hearing anymore...
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    Chris Thanks for your reply. To rebarrel in 243, what twist rate is recommended, I have 1:10 now and groups of 90grn + are terrible? Is going to a AI a viable option, I mean do you get that much bang for the buck? I reload so the AI option would require new dies, but it is a fun gun to shoot...
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    I am reqally new to this, but i would like to go to the range and shoot with the 600 yd people. I have never tried range shots over 100, using hunting rifles. These shooters are into Ar's with iron sights. I am 60yrs old using tri focal's, but I think I can get in there. Before I drop down a...
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    7mm rem mag & 168mk

    IMR-4831 near max is very good, 7828 will be compressed but i have found no problems. The big 7 seems to like full loads
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    .243 Rechambering Questions

    S1 Thanks for the input, could you recomend a replacement barrel mfg. for a 243 AI? Thanks Jim
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    338 cal comparison

    I am new to this board, and to long range, but I do shoot a 338. I love cal and would like to get out there and compete with the 300. Is a 338 AI a possibilty for reasonably savings? Do they have such a critter? Jim
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    .243 Rechambering Questions

    Do we have a spell checker on this board I need one
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    .243 Rechambering Questions

    I believe my 243 is losing the grouping (or I am)so I was thinking of doing something with it and a 6.5-06 and a 6.5-284 and a 260 has been suggested. With a whole bunch of 243 bullets I am thinking 243AI. What would be the best twist rate if I wanted some down range shooting? I find it...

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