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    Have any better luck with the Federal bore-lock 270gr. ? I'm in the same boat headed to...

    Have any better luck with the Federal bore-lock 270gr. ? I'm in the same boat headed to Colorado for elk. I haven't shot any yet but will be later this week. Ill be using BH 209 with the redesigned breech plug from Arrowhead rifles (Luke), in my RUM. Thanks, Jeff
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    Colorado Elk Muzzleloader tag

    We usually hunt first rifle but drew muzzy tags this year. Not much of a muzzleloader guy but I bought the Remington Ultimate Muzzleloader couple years ago. Wondering if anyone has any pet loads worked up for one of these. Keep in mind must use loose powder and no sabots. Thanks
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Volquartsen 17HMR Superlite

    I have this same rifle, with a little less scope on it. Very Very fun!!!!! Gophers at 75 yards are no problem 80% of the time. Ill never give mine up. Have fun K006.
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    Kenton turret

    Yes sir, had 2 turrets made for a Nikon Titanium. One was for here in ND at 2000 ft. Other was made for 10,000 ft. Both were right on the money for that A-Bolt chambered in 7mm STW with 150gr barnes. Not my scope or bullet of choice today but that rifle filled a lot of tags over the years.
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    Seller JHeilman

    Yes transaction was a little stressful, busy time of year I guess for the USPS. But with that said my first transaction of any kind on LRH was very successful!! Thanks you, 26Reload Jeff
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    LEICA Geovid HD-B Edition 2000 10x42 Laser Rangefinder Binoculars

    SOLD Thanks for all the interest guys.
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    Rangefinder binoculars

    LEICA Geovid HD-B Edition 2000 10x42 Laser Rangefinder Have these listed on here for sale.
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    LEICA Geovid HD-B Edition 2000 10x42 Laser Rangefinder Binoculars

    Have owned these about 2 years, been on 2 hunts, have only been cleaned with compressed air and lens cloth. No scratches whatsoever on lenses that I can see. Will come with micro SD card and the ballistic program works awesome. They are definitely a game changer when it comes to long range...
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    ISO Browning Abolt 2 long range hunter

    Would a Browning A-Bolt II Long Range Hunter Stainless Mossy Oak Brush in 300 RUM work for ya? Have one with around 60 rounds down the tube. Have done some work to it, she shoots 200 accubonds very well.
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    2019 Hunting Plans?

    We drew Wy. unit 38 for rifle elk. Used our 10 pts and sure hope I picked the right unit. My son and I both have new 28 noslers built by Nathan Dagley here in North Dakota. Need to get working on loads for them. You guys are doing great, I sure hope I can be still hunting in the mountains at...
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    300 ultra mag. original 700 sendero or similar setup

    Have a Browning A bolt 2, Long Range Hunter. Was a shot show special about 4-5 years ago. Did some mag work to be able to seat the VLD bullets out farther. Shoots 200 gr accubonds very well. Around 60 rounds fires. Can send pics if interested.
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    More Wyoming Elk Info

    Thanks to all that responded to my first request for Wyo elk info. Now for my second, we have a total of 10 points (I thought it was only 9 but checked WGFD website) That's 10 years & 500 bucks so don't want to waste them. I have no connections in Wyoming and trying to do some research myself...
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    Wyoming Elk Info

    Happy new year to all. Would like to get some information and good feedback on the Wyoming Law that prevents none residents from entering the wilderness areas without a guide. Correct me if I am wrong but we are able to ride (horseback), and hike these areas all year long but as soon as we...
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    Elk tags

    Did that first elk hunt with my dad back in 1987, bought some maps, put in for tags, then come October we loaded up 2 out of shape ranch geldings and went hunting in northern Idaho. We froze our butts off. Seen elk almost every day but didn't even fire a round the first 2 years, lost a few...

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