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    floating and non floating neck turning tool/lathe

    I use KM with their holder for a power screwdriver. This setup deals with "the donut" with the right mandrel, and is easy to use. I do not think a lathe based setup is the way to go when you see how easy the KM does the job. The KM is a floating system that controls everything where it has to.
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    Triggertech issues

    Could the original poster please explain how he is tapping a firing pin with a mallet? What is the weight of the mallet? Not being a jerk here. Just trying to determine what is being done to cause the sear to slip. Are you taping the back of the bolt shroud? I also have TT and Jewel and others.
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    barrel crown type

    Years ago Precision Shooting magazine did a test where they damaged a barrel crown progressively to see how it would affect accuracy. If I recall it took quite a bit of damage to degrade accuracy. It really surprised me. I have always favored the 11 degree but maybe it does not make much...
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    Which is better and why? Direct Impingement Gas or Piston Operated?

    My two cents. Build the rifle yourself. Build it around a custom barrel from Craddock Precision with a head spaced bolt. The barrel will take you a while to get. Avoid a rifle on a proprietary AR platform. Large frame ARs are not standardized like the small frame AR platform. Some uppers will...
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    Redding parts non interchangeable

    These guys do a dedicated 20 Practical die set. I think it is listed under 20-223. You would still need a bushing die for forming though.
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    Hammer Hunter vs ELD-X: Speed and Accuracy

    What is your barrel twist to shoot the Hammer Hunter 214?
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    Bullets That Were MIA for 2021

    Vmax 6mm 87 gr I have been looking for a year.
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    Anybody hunting with a 17 Hornet and if so what's your take on it.

    I have a Savage 17 Hornet. It is a very efficient little cartridge. I like it but for me a 20 Practical in an AR has all but replaced it. The only caution I would add is available brass. For bolt guns I have become a bit of a brass snob. My Hornady brass in 17 Hornet was not great. Some primer...
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    Wyoming results are up

    My son and I drew, Antelope 023-2 Deer 065-3 any advice?
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    Everyone needs to see this

    Thanks Butterbean and thanks to those who pointed out the issues with sabots and muzzle brakes. I had known not to do shoot sabots with a brake but did not make the connection while watching the video. The individual that was injured did not did not seem to make the possible connection between...
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    Squirrels in my F150!

    Here is my F250 story. Went on vacation for a week. Came back to single digit cold. My truck has a remote start. Several try's with no start. Just slow cranking. I went out to put the charger on it and lifted the hood to find it full of pine cones. I mean full, right to the top of the hood. If...
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    WTT powder for primers Central Pennsylvania

    I am in Southwestern PA I would trade 1K Large Pistol Federal primers for 1K Large Rifle Magnum primers. I also have some powder I would trade. Reloader 15 3lbs Reloader 17 2 lbs Reloader 25 1lb
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    Best Binoculars up to $800.00...?

    Since this is the LRH forum I will also recommend the 3000BDX Black Edition. I recommended the Nikons above but you cant beat the value in the 3000BDX Black. I have the original 3000BDX. I think the only difference is fewer profiles. The glass is mid tier but not bad. The rangefinder works well...
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    Need help Vortex Fury 5000 HD AB or Sig 3000bdx

    I have the Sig and am also waiting on the Vortex tests. Vortex has full AB onboard and some other nice features. I do like the Sig 3000BDX though. I would like to see Sig match the Vortex on features and move up to Zulu 7 Glass on the 3000BDX replacement.
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    Best Binoculars up to $800.00...?

    In 10x42 value I like the Nikon Monarch HG. I bit over 800.00 but well regarded by the bird watching crowd and won best of the test by Field and Stream against some more expensive competitors a few years back.