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  • jfseaman,

    I haven't heard anything from you on the 30 28 Nosler lately. Did you give up on it? I'm getting ready to build another one with a 28-inch proof research carbon fiber Barrel and the same throat Dimensions as the 300 PRC. I think I'm going to find a node around 3100 to 3126 with 212 grain Hornady eld-x's. I would like to know your thoughts?
    Fred, have you ever had Weatherby Custom Shop rebarrel a Mark V for you? Looking at a Criterion #3 fluted in .270Wby hand lapped. Your opinion is needed.
    Thanks Dosh
    I was just wondering if you have and idea of the number of cases you might have and the brand that you were using. I'm sure you have plenty of other things to do, just trying to get an educated guess.
    On the 28 Nosler Redding type S sizing die. What bushings should I order for it. My reamer is coming from PTG this week and I've got all my dies for the 30-28 nosler.
    I talked with Redding and they told me I might need to get it honed out to accept the bushings for the .308
    I'm new to bushing sizing dies.

    What rifle smith are you using there on the coast. I have kids in Atascadero that are in need of some work. I used to use Bridges in Paso but don't know who might have that shop now so thought I would run it by you.

    Thanks Jim
    I finally saw your mail about cases, got 180 of them. 2 bucks ea.
    They take any pressures that any bolt action guns can handle.Ed
    Fred; Sorry I could not respond to your last PM but at that time I was not allowed to discuss my custom barreling on the LRH website. That now has changed as I am now a registered sponsor. Your plans all sound good to me. If I can be of any service to you please let me know. Elmer
    The 6.5 Osprey is a rebated .532 rim 300 Norma Mag necked down to 6.5 and blown out to 35 deg shoulder. It holds 107 grains of water and with a 26" barrel is a long range dream to shoot. Thanks for the Quick Load reloading info. It's hard to find a software that will cover all my wildcat reloading needs. Now I just need to find a better scope than my 3-9 Weaver.
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