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    WTT Casio G-Shock for aftermarket Savage SA stock

    I know it’s a long shot. Any body have a B&C stock for a Savage SA they would be willing to trade for this Casio G Shock GW 3000 watch, or any stock that would be an improvement over the stock Tupperware?
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    WTB: B&C M40 Stock, Savage 4.4" SA

    Hi there Are you still selling the HS stock?
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    WTB: B&C M40 Stock, Savage 4.4" SA

    You still selling the HS Precision?
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    Is this chassis sold? I realize it’s an older post.
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    Traded to hunter13587. Thanks all.
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    I know it's a long shot. I won this muzzleloader last night at a charity dinner, so it's obviously brand new. It's got a thumb hole synthetic stock in realtree camo and has FO front and rear sights I am looking for either Remington 870 or Savage MK2 setup. Apparently it's worth in the $470-$500...
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    Flatline Ops Give Away Contest

    POST to this thread saying: "Enter Me In The Flatline Ops Contest"
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    Give Away Contest - Gunwerks New Auto Reset Target

    Enter Me In The Gunwerks Auto Reset Target Contest
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    Greybull Precision Hunting Stock Give Away Contest

    "Enter Me In Greybull Precision Hunting Stock Contest"
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    US Optics $2500 Rifle Scope Give Away Contest

    "Enter Me In US Optics Rifle Scope Contest"
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    Hi from Colesberg, South Africa

    Goeie dag van 'n Suid Afrikaner in VSA...Missing home
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    Rabbits with air rifle

    Point taken...
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    Rabbits with air rifle

    Well....I better start making friends with the neighbours:cool:
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    Rabbits with air rifle

    Does that stop them in their tracks or do you have to go look for dead bunnies in the neighbours garden?
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    Rabbits with air rifle

    What are the minimum specs for hunting rabbit with an air rifle? In terms of pellet weight and velocity? I am specifically interested in air rifles as I will be using it in my yard. Are there laws restricting where I fire an air rifle? I am in CT. Obviously I will still be sure of whats behind...