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    SOLD/EXPIRED .308 212 eldx

    How would you prefer payment if they they are are still available?
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    SOLD/EXPIRED .308 212 eldx

    I’m interested in the eld-x
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    Any Interest in a 330gr-350gr .338?

    I shoot a Lapua improved and I think the the heavier. 330 to 350 range would be killer. I have been considering a 378 weatherby just to run. 350 class bullet. I think it would be a hammer
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    30-378 Weatherby Mag

    I bought a set of dues planning on building one but haven’t bought one yet. How do you like that rig?
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    Eld-x vs berger...

    I really like the eld-m. I have had great results with those and the Amax
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    50 BMG scopes

    I’ve got 3 NXS scopes. I really like them
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    375 ultra mag

    Has anybody looked at the 378 weatherby as a long range rig
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    The Perfert 338 Lapua Mag Build

    Have you tried the area 419 brakes?
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    Jelly head

    Jelly head
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    SOLD/EXPIRED $850 Remington Sendero 300 Ultra Mag

    Thnx man. I'll be kinda out of pocket off and on this wknd. I'll check in as much as possible.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Huskemaw 5x20x50 scope SPF

    Could you please send pics. (270)705-2600.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED two nice vortex scopes for sale

    still available?