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    For Sale Tripods

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    SOLD/EXPIRED Remington 700 270 win

    Remington 700 270 win. 600$ shipped to FFL
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    For Sale Tripods

    It’s a standard
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    For Sale Tripods

    Outdoormans Medium Tripod. Good condition. Minimal scratches, no bends or dents. Asking $425.00. Outdoorsman Pan Head, Great condition, no dents or bends. Had it for 1 season. Asking $350.00 Outdoorsmans Pistol Grip and Panner. Great condition. Minimal small scratches. Works great. Asking $325...
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    For Sale Nightforce spotting scope

    Nightforce TS-82 20-70x. Extreme hi-def with nightforce tripod. $2800. Call or text with questions. 580-651-5676
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    SOLD/EXPIRED 6.5 Berger Hybrid and Hornady bullets

    You still have the 147 eldmS?
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    Sitka down Hoody

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    Sitka down Hoody

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    Sitka down Hoody

    Sitka Down Hoody with Wind Stopper only a year old. No tears or rips. Size XL. To warm for what I need 300$ Shipped
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    26 nosler dies

    I have a set of neck dies and full length dies for 26 nosler.
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    300 Rum Brass and Dies

    I have 85 pieces of once fired Norma brass and neck dies set for sale. 200$ shipped ,
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Accurate mag

    I have a single accurate mag magazine for sale for a long action. It’s for a 300 win case type. 3.715 length. 5 rd. 75$ plus shipping
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    Could you send pics please of the vinci?
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    Berger EDL 195 7mm .284

    Do you still have these?