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    I haven't built the other one yet, I have too many other gun projects I'm playing with, including 2 other Shermans. but I ended up getting a little over 3000 with both the 225 dozer and the 230 ELD-M but settled on about 2985 average. first pic is 230's the second is the 225 dozers
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    Reloader 26 in stock at Grafs

    thanks!! just grabbed a bunch of 23 also
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    anyone have a Win XPR?

    not sure. I only single fed mine for a few rounds before removing the barrel. there was some play in the magazine when it was in the tupperware stock. So it might have worked
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    anyone have a Win XPR?

    yep kinda goofy. I've had custom barrels put on mine they shoot great, but I can't understand why they put the 3rd bolt lug on the bottom, that catch's a 40 deg case shoulder, and there browning brothers have them on top. And there made in the same factory
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    anyone have a Win XPR?

    Yep, a pipe dream. You would have a 12 3/4 barrel. both the 270WSM and 300 WSM list a sporter contour. The new xpr renegade will be sporting a heavier barrel. (when they come out). When I talked to a guy at Winchester, he may have slipped, but he told me that all there barrels were made by...
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    anyone have a Win XPR?

    I have a take off in 270 WSM It's .647 4" back from the muzzle. 19 7/8 from breech end.
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    Another Sherman in the Stable!!! 338 Max

    .187 Or .100 over your reamer
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    Another Sherman in the Stable!!! 338 Max

    I've got 2800 with mine using N560, RL26, and pp4000 so far. It's a 25" 10 twist Hart barrel, with a .100 extra FB. I was gonna ask Rich about N565 or N570 in this case, but every time I'm on the phone with him I forget to ask.
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    Full Length or Neck Only; What's Best Resizing for Accuracy?

    A question if you don't mind, sorry to hijack or change a bit. My experience is a couple of years reloading Was wondering if a die were to size a case too small in the body area, if it would cause accuracy issues? I have a recently built 280 AI and dies that size the body down .006 to .007...
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    35 whelen vs 35 whelen ai

    Thank you, sounds good. If I get around to getting another barrel, I'll pm you. It's hard to get a reputable barrel Co to make a 35 cal barrel anymore.
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    35 whelen vs 35 whelen ai

    been pondering on making it a 35 sherman with a new barrel. 3000 with with a 225 SGK you could probably take it further
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    35 whelen vs 35 whelen ai

    true. the reason that a whelen is such a hammer is that they do NOT have any long range bullets. most all 35 cal bullets are designed for performing on animals. And when the speeds are up, they're very impressive. If this is for short range, why would you want a long range bullet? 200 gr...
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    Any experience with the Badlands Precision .338 270 grain Super Bulldozer?

    I,ve shot the 240, and 225 bulldozers in my 338 sherman max. the 240 ran the same speed and pressure as the 250 burger EH at around 2900, And the 225 bulldozers ran the same as the 230 ELD-X. Sorry, I know your asking about the 270's. I just wanted to add that the bulldozers are the most...
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    Magic Dust is Real!

    I you live near Boise Id. Cliffs reloading supply had some 8 pounders this last Saturday. he doesn't ship, or advertise.