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    Fixed Power Scope Recommendations

    I'm looking for a fixed power (6.0) scope for a rifle I'm putting together. I've been considering the Leupold FX-3 6x42; however, I don't want to make a purchase decision until I've evaluated other options. Any recommendations or comments are sincerely appreciated. Thanks.
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    Book: "Desert Bighorns - Arizona's Mountain Kings"

    Yesterday I picked up a copy of a wonderful book by veteran desert bighhorn sheep guide Tom Saad titled "Desert Bighorns - Arizona's Mountian Kings". If you enjoy sheep hunting at any level, this is a "must have" for your library. This book is privately published and only available from the...
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    VLD Bullet Stabilization and a Short Range Shot

    I'm trying to get up to speed on long range hunting. I'm a big Berger fan and think they've really led the way with VLD bullet technology. I've seen several posts on this forum that suggest it takes a certain distance before a VLD bullet stabilizes. If that is true, what happens if you are...
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    243 AI Custom LRH Rig Thoughts

    Fitch: Thanks for the feed back. It is funny the perspective we hunters take on such subjects. Most predator hunters think a 243 AI is too much gun for coyotes and such. To each his own. Regarding your suggestion on the 300 win mag, I already have a 30x338 my father had custom built on a...
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    243 AI Custom LRH Rig Thoughts

    Kiwi Nate: Thank you for your thoughtful comments. I certainly won't argue that elk are at the upper limits of a 243 AI. When it comes to the 243 AI, I like the notion of being very precise and surgical with my shots. At age 54, I have watched the evolution in big game rifles over the years...
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    FLINCHING - How Do You Deal with IT?

    It is my opinion that every shooter deals with flinching at one point or another in their shooting career. I believe it follows the old maxum - There are those who flinch and those that will flinch; no exceptions. I believe accepting and dealing with the flinches is what seperates the better...
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    243 AI Custom LRH Rig Thoughts

    I've been shooting and hunting for a very long time. I shoot competitive (NBRSA) 100/200/300 benchrest with a 6PPC. My longest hunting shot to date was on a nice mule deer at 325 yards with a 30x338. In the past, when I've been faced with a long shot (300+) I've simply made an educated guess...
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    How to Shoot Beyond Belief Three-DVD Set

    Thanks for the great feedback. I'd also like your comments on Shawn Carlock's Defensive Edge DVD's. Please note that I'm not asking if you like John Burns better than Shawn Carlock. I'm simply wondering if you think Shawn's DVD's contain valuble information like John's. Thanks again.
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    How to Shoot Beyond Belief Three-DVD Set

    Looking to purchase a good intructional DVD on LRH. I noted on Cabela's website that they offer the "How to Shoot Beyond Belief Three-DVD Set" for $79.99. I was wondering if anyone has this DVD set and what they thought of the content? Also, do you recommend another LRH instructional DVD? I want...
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    Ruger #1

    Buffalobob: Thanks for your comments. I am very protective of my guns regardless of age or quality. I'm one of those guys that wears blueing off the rifle by cleaning it all the time. Accordingly, I'm not worried about the need to "baby" a #1 - I do that with all my guns. I've joined the...
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    Ruger #1

    Hey platapus: Thanks for the comments. My son has an AR, so he is my follow-up/clean-up shooter. If I'm handling my gun well, one shoot on one coyote should be sufficient. Since I like the long-range shoots the most, my set-ups are in more open territory. We will see what happens.
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    Ruger #1

    I've got an itch to build a custom 6.5x284 in a Ruger #1 as my long range coyote and varmint rig. Here is a photo of a custom #1 that peaked my interest. Is there any out there using the Ruger #1? How about the 6.5x284 cartridge? Comments and recommendations would be appreciated...
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    Is Remington's 700 Action Still the Best?

    Short of going with all custom components, including a custom action, is the Remington 700 still the best "out of the box" action? If you were going to build a semi-custom rifle would you use a Remington 700 as the cornerstone of your rifle? Assuming you would have the 700 action trued and...
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    300+ inch mule deer!!!!
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    300+ inch mule deer!!!!

    Photos posted on the home page of Mulecrazy. That is one monster rack. Congrats to the shooter, Ryan and everyone else involved.