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    Which Tripod Vise For Shooting

    I have the vyce. It is rock solid with their tripods, very quick and easy to open and clamp it down on a rifle. I haven't used any others but it is great, highly recommend.
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    For Sale LRI built 7ss with Paradigm Carbon a5a stock

    I have a 20" 7SS also, I am getting 2850fps with 175 Bergers and RL26. Could probably get more fps, but that was the last load in my initial ladder and it shot great and had like a 3 SD, so just stopped there and it hammers.
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    7mm Norma Mag Improved - Fire forming & load proofing.

    @orkan how'd you settle on retumbo? Did you try any other powders, try N570?
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    Schmidt and Bender PMII 4-16x56 Ultra Bright

    Weekend bump. Hunting season is coming up, someone needs this. Insane in low light.
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    Schmidt and Bender PMII 4-16x56 Ultra Bright

    Mainly looking for cash, but PM sent.
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    Sig Kilo 2400 ABS or Revic BR4 Rangefinder

    I don't, but in that price range I would add the Leica to the pot as well (especially if you have a kestrel with link), I have it and love it.
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    Schmidt and Bender PMII 4-16x56 Ultra Bright

    I have a Schmidt and Bender PMII 4-16x56 Ultra Bright with P3L reticle. Illumination works great, glass is incredible. It is mounted in ARC medium rings, can include or not. Will come with Tenebraex caps and original box. In very good shape, only nicks are 1 small nick on objective bell and a...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Manners EH1A Swamp Camo W/ Mini Chassis and Mini Arca Rail

    I have a right hand short action Manners EH1A in Swamp Camo, has DBM mini chassis, picatinny bipod rail, 3" RRS Arca plate mounted by my local smith right in front of the mag well, 2 left side flush cups. It is Remington short action footprint, I currently have a Big Horn TL3 in it. But should...
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    Those of you who have or have used a hog saddle….

    Using the front bipod rail to clamp into an anvil works fine, it's just harder to reach the tension lever since its so far out toward the front of the stock. But the ball head will hold the weight no problem. But I'm with Wyfox, I have very few rifles that don't have at least a small section...
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    Sherman Wildcat Reloading Data is Here!!!

    a 20" barrel and rl26 will get a 175 berger to 2850fps easily, never went higher and no pressure signs at all, so I could go higher, but don't know how much.
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    Long Range Hunting Match

    I love this idea. Would love to shoot it. Adding multipliers like ppl have said for weight and power factor would help keep the guns diverse I think instead of there becoming one "standard" set up everyone ends up using. Maybe have 3 categories based off power factor? varmint and hunting...
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    Opinions on Rangefinding Binos

    I had all of my stuff stolen recently (was insured, anyone that doesn't have Eastern Insurance firearm insurance get it immediately. Very reasonable pricing and they covered literally everything I had. I am not affiliated with them just a very happy customer). But that put me in a position to...