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    Drag Function question.

    Because it lists the BC on output in the coefficients section. It can't do that without know what drag function to calculate the BC for. (This is an old thread!) JBM
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    Ballistics beyond 2000 yds : do we need/trust them?

    [ QUOTE ] The coriolus effect. I only wish I knew the real answer to that. That subject has been hashed out on this board several times as to whether or not it is even measureable from a hand carried rifle and if so, are bullets always pulled to the right in the northern hemishpere and always to...
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    Shooting Mats

    What do you guys (and gals) use for shooting mats. I've seen a number of them from $50 to $400. I'm not really interested in a drag bag, but one that is also a case is somewhat appealing. Thanks! Brad
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    222 remington

    [ QUOTE ] Well this is not necessarily a long range question but hear goes. Does anyone shoot a 222 Remington if so what do you think of it? How long does the brass last? How fur friendly is it and what are your favorite loads? I shoot a 17 remington for most of my predator hunting because I...
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    Time of Flight vs Ballistic Coefficient.

    [ QUOTE ] I'm not clear why there seems to be an assumption that a bullet's nose-on BC is the only figure to be used when assessing its lateral wind resistance (and therefore the force it will experience from a lateral wind). [/ QUOTE ] For most bullets you can buy, the BC is all you have...
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    Am I calculating balistics in Altitude correctly?

    Probably. Without knowing the other values you put in it's hard to tell. The atmospheric density at 11000 feet is only 70% of what it is at sea level so I'd tend to believe it. Brad
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    SOLD/EXPIRED FS: Jewell Trigger for Remington 700

    I sent you an email this afternoon.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED FS: Jewell Trigger for Remington 700

    I have one Benchrest (1.5 to 3 oz) trigger for sale. It's for a Remington 700, no safety or bolt release. Price is $100 plus shipping. JBM
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    Stoney Point thread size?

    [ QUOTE ] Sorry JBM, didn't mean to hijack the thread. Seems as if we may be thinking along the same lines! [/ QUOTE ] Didn't bother me -- I just feel stupid for not checking their FAQ. I Google'd once and called it good. MSC sells the taps for about $15. I haven't looked anywhere else...
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    Stoney Point thread size?

    Anybody know what the thread size on a Stoney Point seating depth tool is? It looks like 12-28, but I want to be sure before I order a tap. Thanks!
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    Drag functions and drop charts

    [ QUOTE ] BC is dependent on drag. From the muzzle or any other point. It varies only because drag varies. The bullet's curve. BC could be used as a constant because of this, but it's used as a variable in software. Unless some other decay factor is used. From what I've seen, it's often used...
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    Canting - the right answer

    [ QUOTE ] What?! The boreline has been further elevated in the Plane of the Cant...the fired QE has changed in direct relation to that; so has the azimuth....but this isn't cant error?! [/ QUOTE ] Once again, I'm not going to argue semantics. What I said was that I would model it as...
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    Canting - the right answer

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] SNIP I agree that it will introduce an additional error, but I wouldn't call it cant error because the launch angle is the same. SNIP [/ QUOTE ] IMO, what else could it possibly be?? If you take a rifle that is perfectly zeroed, and you fire it canted, the bullet does...
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    Canting - the right answer

    [ QUOTE ] Which is more likely in the real-world? …..we could argue it until the cows come home . [/ QUOTE ] or at least 60 or 70 posts. If I were going to simulate what you have shown, it would be with a canted angle to get the cant error and extra windage to get the offset due to...
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    Canting - the right answer

    [ QUOTE ] Well, I am... A question, though. On that page, your unit vectors v (=no cant) and v'(=with cant) both start in the origin of your X,Y,Z coordinate system, right? But when canting, i.e. rotating the bore around the sight line, the muzzle of the rifle (=the origin of your XYZ...