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    Sandhill Crane hunting

    Has anyone done any sandhill crane hunting? Do these birds decoy like geese or is more like pass shooting them? Looking to try it out this fall, was wondering what kind of decoys and how many to use. Also what shotgun loads to use. Thanks a bunch
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    17 Cal bullets for coyotes

    Have had 3 different 17 Rems over the years, I now only have a 17 Tactial ar and a 17 Rem fireball. The Hornady 25 hollow point works real good, but I have settled on the 27 Gold from Todd Kindler. I tried the 30s in the 17 Tac but was couldn't get any real good speed in the AR without blowing...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Criterion RemAge 243AI barrel

    Barrel is SPF
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Criterion RemAge 243AI barrel

    PMed you back
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Criterion RemAge 243AI barrel

    According to Criterion's website, the bull is 1" in diameter from end to end and is 28" long and weighs approximately 6lbs. Their varmint or sender is .815" end to end and is 26" long and weighs approximately 4.5lbs. When I weighed the barrel on my scales it said 4.5lbs.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Criterion RemAge 243AI barrel

    Brand new Criterion RemAge barrel, never installed 28" bull 243AI 1-8 twist barrel. Also RemAge barrel nut and recoil lug. $375.00 shipped or $320.00 for barrel only. I can email pictures to those interested.
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    First Suppressed Coyote!

    Very sweet, Tim. What suppressor is it and what caliber is your Savage? I have several and when I don't use them, it is totally different...your guns start to sound like cannons! I am ready to start chasing the coyotes down here if it would ever get COLD.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Remington Sendero SF II in 243 (well, sort of)

    How many rounds thru it?
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    Let's get this party started!

    Rooster, what 160 are you shooting and how fast are you running them. Also in the 243 what bullet would you recommend since you have taken wolves with it? I have a 243 but want to build a bigger 6.5 for long range....thanks again and good luck with your hunt!
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    AR-10 or 6.8?

    6.8 is a different size bolthead than a 5.56/.223. I don't have one but went with a .308 instead and it is a whole different platform. It will be heavier than the 6.8 but recoil is very manageable and ammo and brass is everywhere you look.
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    Best deer bullet for 223

    Hornady 75 grain BTHP worked just fine on deer out to 260 yards last year. Hit them right with this smaller caliber and they drop on the spot, but blast them with a 300 wm in the wrong location and you can track them all day. Also, believe it or not, 223 do come in boltguns, not just ARs
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Left hand a5

    Sent you a PM
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    458 socom at distance on aoudad

    That is cool that you were able to recover that bullet, which from what everyone says is the best bullet for the Socom. According to JBM calcuations you hit that sheep with almost 900 lbs. of energy at that distance. How big are those aoudad weight wise and are the very good to eat? Keep up...
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    458 socom at distance on aoudad

    What are the specs of your gun and what bullet did you use? I was looking at Wilson Combat .458 barrel kits and suppressor but never got around to building one. A suppressed 458 would definitely be ideal to take out a bunch of aoudads or pigs.
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    .17 remington trouble

    I've had 3 - 17 Remingtons at once and none of them really liked the 20vmax. All of mine really liked IMR 4320 and 25vmax, 25 Hornady hp, 25 & 30 Bergers. Also you could try Woodchuck Den 25,27 & 30 Gold bullets. They are very good BTHPs for putting fur down.