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    Which neck turning systems does everyone prefer ?

    If you have a "factory" chamber, it's not worth it. If you have a "custom barrel" then it's a go, maybe, even with high end brass? I use the Hornady tool, on once fired brass, then don't have to mess with it til that lot is done.
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    Phone as a GPS

    It came with a built in OEM inverter also and I'm a mechanic tech by trade. The only thing that requires full voltage, 13.8V, is the CB.
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    Any kills with 195 Bergers?

    @Send it 284 Is that mild steel or AR500? Looks like there wasn't much energy at that range and let's hope, animals don't start wearing armor 🙏
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    Phone as a GPS

    OnX user here. Droid phone, old phone and finally got a new Galaxy A7 tablet that runs it, to go in the vehicle.
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    Colorado voted to reintroduce wolfs
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    Berger 195 not reaching target

    A component list would be nice?
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    6.5 builds ...let's see them

    I'v the Covenant 7 5-35x56 and the only issue is the clarity at max power, tracking, turrets, reticle spot on.
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    Colorado voted to reintroduce wolfs

    When I saw that it passed, all I could think was, the DOW, has just lost a lot of big revenue! Wolf season is open in CO. "I thought it was an oversized coyote?!"
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    6.5 builds ...let's see them

    If you're rifle system puts down a group like that, I'd say that wasn't too crappy of a scope. I'm still evaluating one of these optics, on a mid cost build, and it does what it's supposed to.
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    143 gr ELD-X bullet performance on my mule deer last week with pics

    This can't be right?! They said the Creepmore don't kill shizzle?!
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    Would you eat this bull?

    Take a pass! I got a queazy gut just reading the details and looking at the pics!!
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    New Reloading Bench

    Get it! I was on my way, to the local Home Depot, to get the materials for new bench, but then I remembered HF have a wood workers table. Picked it and some heavy duty nylon caster wheels, assembled, done! The wood vise on the side, makes for an extra bonus gun cleaning, AR assembling or whatever!
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    LRH Team Members sound off ...

    BTW, I'v three 6.5 Creeds & 2 Variants and luv 'em every time, I take them out to the 1000 yard line 🎯 is what it is.
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    Did 6.5 PRC obsolete the 6.5 CM only to be made obsolete?

    Well, was set to put together a 6.5PRC, but brass is made from unobtaniun for the near future it seems. I'v plenty of the 6.5CM brass to size up and down for 6CM & 25CM though.
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    Reloading 28 Nosler

    No range time yet, but everything is set and ready to go. It's the prime time of the year for flyfishing Colorado rivers, even though I fish all year here, we don't have seasons!