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    7mm rm brass

    How many do you need?
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Completed

    I've got some available. $20 per hundred plus shipping
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    22-250 for deer?

    I know many, many hunters that kill deer regular! Friend in Montana uses it for antelope, white tail, wolves and mule deer! Young fellow I grew up with uses it in vermont for white tail! Used all over the country!!!
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    .277 Bullets for handloading

    I'll take the 130 gr Hornady interlock for $20 shipped
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    6mm bullets for handloading

    Combine shipping and I'll take the 168 gr 308 AMAX also with above 6mm bullets
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    6mm bullets for handloading

    I'll take the box of interlock for $14 shipped
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    What bullet should I try in my 30-06

    Try some IMR 4065 with those 165 hornadys. My son shoots them with very good results. Don't have the charge available at present.
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    Sierra 7mm 140gr SBT

    $40 shipped?
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    Is This Excessive Pressure??

    I'd say they look pretty good. Going to a grain more for 14 fps tells me you're close to Max. No problem with bolt lift?
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    300 RUM Ammo and Brass

    Still have the federal and Barnes brass?
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    Or Trade - 23 pieces Nosler 300 RUM 1x Fired

    Have some brass, bullets and dies in various calibers if interested
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    300 RUM brass once fired

    Will have to get back to you. Have a handicapped wife I need to take care of and is getting late here on the east coast. Thanks Ed
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    300 RUM brass once fired

    Not familiar with HSM but what's the least you would take for them
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    300 RUM brass once fired

    Still available?
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    30 Caliber Bullet Lot

    I've got 30 pieces of 257 Roberts brass, some 222 brass and 30-06 brass. Trade towards the 30 Cal bullets. Left me know your thoughts.