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    i have a CR in 300WM that will group everything well. I have the same gun in 280AI that won’t. Drives me crazy. good luck
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    What caliber

    280ai stays on top of favorite list.
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    In between 7mm-08 & .308

    7-08 with game appropriate bullet roughly 140 grains. I used 7-08 for all my family junior hunters.
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    First time antelope hunt

    Need some of the same advice. Location northern Wyoming Late October. Also, is that too late in the season?
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    Oryx Bucket List Hunt

    On my 2022 farewell tour list. Congrats, who was your outfitter ?
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    Good stuff. I never do reduced loads for anything. I load to lower end of published and cross referenced load data If I want a “light load”.40 plus years at it. Stay safe all.
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    Scope or Red Dot for turkey gun?

    Bird shot at 60 paces, longest shoot to date
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    Scope or Red Dot for turkey gun?

    Now a complete believer in red not. Finished a one season slam with vortex red dot on Benilli M2. 7-9 TSS blend.
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    Double in GA

    beneili m4 with Rhino choke and trigger job by Joe Morales. #9 TSS 3 inch at 45 YDs. My second longest shot. Mature SC bird scored 63.
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    Double in GA

    Good seeing turkey stories. What shot, what choke, what gun?
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    Scope or Red Dot for turkey gun?

    Red dot at 45 yards. Tried both. I think in the East in heavy cover target acquisition is easier With red dot.Go back and forth on TSS and Hevi shot.
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    lifetime hunt-Oryx on White Sands missile range

    great info. Suppose you had one last western big game hunt in your budget( physically and financially). What species would you older hunters pick? Elk, mule deer, whitetail, antelope, moose, exotic? Oryx sounds interesting.
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    7mm/6.5 Weatherby RPM

    More cool sevens!