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    Any takers on that bottom metal? What kind is it?
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    Bipod broke my stock!!! Ever seen this?

    Great, thanks, Cooper!? You can sell the replacement. You’ve officially gotten off as cheap as possible.
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    Bipod broke my stock!!! Ever seen this?

    That stock was designed with two parts foam and two parts fail! I certainly wouldn’t carry that thing on an important hunt. Could you imagine falling on that styrofoam cooler?! Hunt OVER. Not a tactical rifle? Clearly not an Alpine hunting rifle either. Take a peek at the instructions? There...
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    Bipod broke my stock!!! Ever seen this?

    Run two carbon fiber rods, wrap the seam in carbon fiber, and be done. I personally would probably wrap most of the fore-end. I would for sure do a few layers in that barrel channel after I removed enough material to clearance them. Paint it yourself when you’re done. The manufacturer’s claims...
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    Bedford/Breezewood PA anyone?

    Yeah. Power lines and gas right of ways are your best bet. It’s not hard once people get to know you to find private property that will allow you to shoot. In WV that is.
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    Most potent long range elk cartridge with .473 bolt face

    If it were me I’d go with a 6.5 or 7mm with that Nosler 280 AI brass in mind. But, in all fairness, I do not, in general, give elk nearly as much credit for being tough as most guys do. If you’re talking most HP seems like those Shermans have pretty well maxed out the 06 case.
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    Bedford/Breezewood PA anyone?

    I grew up Somerset County. It’s beautiful, it still feels like home, but I don’t even like driving through that state. Lord willing, I will never go back there. Blue politics have DESTROYED that state. I lived in WV for 5 of the last 6 years. SE WV (Greenbrier County and surrounding areas) might...
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    Tikka Manners mcs-t

    I’ll take it per our pm.
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    Tikka takeoff barrel Stainless

    I have a 243. Never fired. $100 TYD
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    Lets discuss the Revic scope from gunwerks

    My opinion, (worth what you paid) I have no interest in combining my scope with ballistics solvers, LRF, or anything else. I learned my lesson with the TV/VCR. Some ideas are better on paper than in practice. I’m sure the Revic is well done, but I’m not a customer.
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    Lightweight FFP Scope Options for a Backpack Hunter

    I was told, by Hawke, that their 4-20 was made in China. All of their scopes are... their words, not mine.
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    FFP vs SFP

    I haven’t found anything better than the 3-12 LRHS (the 4.5-18 is good too). I’m about to try my first 3-12 LRTS. I don’t like FFP hunting scopes with greater than 4x erector ratios (5x maybe, but I haven’t seen it). It’s an unnecessary complication, that far too many have gotten wrong. I’d love...
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    FFP vs SFP

    I’m an all ranges hunter, and my time is very valuable to me. When I hunt, I aim to be as lethal as possible. I don’t award myself prowess points for doing it the hardest ways that I can. I do not take pleasure in wonderful woodland stories of the one that got away. I am there to kill an animal...
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    SWFA SS HD 3-9x42 Mil Quad w/Lots of Extras

    That was a mistake, Chris.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED **SOLD**Hawkins hybrid 30mm Scope rings 25MOA

    I’ll take them. PM payment info.

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