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    Recomendation for LRS .338 Lapua

    Greetings all, I am looking for recommendations regarding a .338 Lapua for long range shooting. I recently sold my Savage Model 110 that I have used for the past year with very good results. I sure would like to have an adjustable cheekpiece and butt on the next rifle. Could those of you that...
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    Reloading Press Advice .338 Lapua

    Thank you kindly for the recommendations. I will certainly look into these. Much appreciated! Bob
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    Reloading Press Advice .338 Lapua

    Greetings all, I am new to this forum and new to Long Range Shooting. I am looking to upgrade my old Lyman reloading press and would greatly appreciate any recommendations. I have been looking at the Forster Co-Ax press and also Hornaday's. I will be mainly reloading .338 lapua and .308...

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