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    Scope mounting trouble.

    Thanks for recommending the offset rings. I may just go that route.
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    Scope mounting trouble.

    Yeah it’s a long action 30-06.
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    Scope mounting trouble.

    I recently purchased a Riton RTS mod 5 4-16x50 to put on a Browning Xbolt Medallion for a friend. When I went to check the scope height in the rings I noticed that the scope rings are too far apart. The front ring is sitting on the taper up to the objective body of the scope. There isn’t any way...
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    Looking at sub 6lb factory rifles - need thoughts!

    I would take a look at the new Seekins Havak Element. 5.5 lbs. it only comes in 6.5 PRC currently but they also have a custom shop that can make whatever you can dream if that isn’t your flavor. $2795 MSRP. They have some pretty amazing technology going on with their new action design to lighten...
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    First Elk

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    Do you always lap your scope rings?

    I use Seekins rings and vortex rings (which are made by Seekins). They don’t need lapping.
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    Longest Kill Shot ?

    Pronghorn 720 yards (6.5 creedmoor) Mule deer 400 yards (30-06) Jack rabbit 300 yards in the eye (.17 HMR) Crow 250 yards (.17 HMR)
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    The Best Bullets and the Best Powders

    That’s a loaded question. I love Hornady bullets for a couple of my rifles because that is what shoots best and they are cheaper than the competitors. My 6.5 creed and 6.5 PRC both shoot the Hornady ELD-X. My 30-06 prefers Berger’s. As for powders, there are so many options that I couldn’t give...
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    Would you shoot this deer?

    I would have shot it instead of waiting for a response from the forum lol.
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    Hi everyone.

    Thanks for the welcomes guys I appreciate it. Looking forward to being a part of the group.
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    New long range elk gun

    I'm glad you like it. Don't get me wrong, I think that Christensen Arms is a great company. I was considering that and the Havak for a while. I ended up deciding that the Havak better suited my needs. One thing that pushed me towards the Havak was how vocal Glen Seekins was on forums and my...
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    New long range elk gun

    In that price range I would take a serious look at the new Seekins Havak PH2. Retail is right at $1,900 ish and they are a lot of gun for the money. Carbon composite stock, Custom Havak action, Spiral fluted 5R threaded barrel, Timney elite hunter trigger and 24 or 26 inch barrel depending on...
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    If I had to focus on one rifle...

    A agree. I would consider a 6.5x284 or even the new 6.5 PRC. You can take anything from coyotes to moose with either of those. I also saw a recent video of a guy dropping a grizzly with one shot with a 6.5 PRC. Minimal recoil, and enough energy to get the job done with the right bullet even out...
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    Hi everyone.

    Thanks for letting me join. I’ve been hunting my whole life and have in the last couple years taken an extreme interest in long range shooting and reloading. My current setup for long range is a savage Stealth Evolution in 6.5 creedmoor topped with a Vortex PST Gen 2 5-25x50 FFP. I’ve taken it...

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