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    Caliber and best factory rifle for Whitetail deer - NC

    I am thinking of going the other way. You have 7mmRM so you are good with longer range. Look for something shorter range ( please don’t kick me off when website). I like my 35 Whelen and 338-06
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    Need advice on light a light recoiling hunting rifle!

    I loaded up some 308 with trailboss, to teach my girls to shoot. Almost as much recoil as a 22lr. I would imagine 7-08 would work well too. The hard part is finding some.
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    Rifle for 10 year old.

    I got my son a Ruger American Compact in 308. He was able to shoot it well, until he grew up too fast. Now his sisters and mom fight over it. I like the gun but part of me wishes I would have gotten a tikka. I don’t think my wife and daughter will out grow a compact. Since I reload and live in...
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    Need to Buy a Nice Factory Rifle for a Fundraiser....Which one

    Springfield m1A anyone? Good enough to hunt with and what youngster does like a semi auto.
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    Need to Buy a Nice Factory Rifle for a Fundraiser....Which one

    I would vote for a Kimber, Browning x-bolt or BAR, Weatherby, or Dpms ar10 / Armalight AR -10. I am thinking an semi auto would get a lot of attention. Also don’t forget Ruger precision rifle. That would leave some cash for a Scope and ammo.
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    An ongoing review of a Nosler M48 Custom rifle...

    What did you get for MV on your 45 acp 😉
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    28 vs 33 Nosler

    Here I am sitting in Alaska thinking about my first custom rifle. My dilemma is what do I want. I am debating between a 28 and 33 Nosler. It will be my grab and go rifle for moose and elk. My brothers live in Wyoming and are always inviting me to hunt with them. I have a handful of rifles...
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    Nosler or Bergara problems

    Or better yet get a new, new rifle. You can’t have too many 🤔
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    Rechamber to Nosler 28

    Ok, can you please expand on that? Did you have any issues, like feeding or anything? And without pictures how do we know you really did that 😉
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    Bullet selection on 7mm.

    Any love for the TTSX?