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    With the proper load the cartridge will shock you. Velocities of the 30 BR and 308 Win. Do not want to post loads, but I can git the speed of a 308 with 125 grain bullet. Not blowing the primers and not over pressure the chamber. Matter of the right powder and primer set up.
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    22-250 and 90 gr Bergers for target and deer?

    90 Burgers are too tight to expand in deer. Unless you drill the hollow point to allow this. 55 Gr Nosler ballistic tip and deer drop like lightning. Lung shots will blow both lungs and drop quickly. Friend went through a pile of bullets before he found the 55 BT. Was by accident and shot...
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    Rifle for Africa Plains Game

    before you get excited and pack the rifle, check with customs. I know several customers tell you must register firearm with serl # long before a hunt. Make sure you have time. Make sure ammo is in factory box for the head stamp of the chamber. Airline made customer get factory ammo box and not...
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    sako 75 varmint

    Was Sako dealer for years. Also a gunsmith. Sako 75 out of the box is the best factory rifle I have shot. Rarely do they not shoot well. with bedding and trigger work, it will shoot like a dream. Almost every one needs action screws tightened. The PPC chambered rifles will shoot like bench guns...
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    Have built with 312 and 308 bullets. The 308 x 39 shot well and was built for a benchgun. Shot like a dream and using 125 Nosler it dropped a few deer. Found N110 powder was the ticket. Horndy 123 gr bullets worked just as well on deer.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED 541-T HB with curly maple stock

    Would you contact me about this rifle? [email protected] thanks.