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    LR Factory Rig - Sendero or Accumark

    I have been contemplating buying one of these (Sendero) for years - mainly just to say I have a true dedicated LR rifle and now I am really thinking about pulling the trigger. Are these rifle good to go out of the box or can I still expect to have to glass bed and work on the trigger? Any...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Sako LRH 7MM/Vortex HST 4-16X

    Sako A7 Long Range Hunter with fluted 26" Bull Barrel, B&C medalist olive stock. (This rifle is a cabelas exclusive from Sako - can be found on the cabelas website) Has Warne rings and a Vortex Viper HST 4-16X44 mrad mil/mil scope. Gun has approximately 45 rounds down it and has been out in the...
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    How much mil adjustment should i need for 1k??

    I just bought a savage 111 long range hunter in 6.5x284, going to be shooting 142 seirras from black hills and also 140 vlds from HSM. I wanted to put a weaver tactical 4-20x50 on the rifle but not sure there is enough adjustments to reach out to 1000 yards and am thinking I may need to go...
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    Best binoculars under $1000

    buy a pair of Zen Ray ED3 10X43 and you will have a pair as good as vortex razors, 95% of Swarovski for 450.00...........Amazing binos, as good as it gets for anything 1500.00 dollars and under.
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    6.5 06 Night Force?

    3k to spend and no mention of schmidt bender??????? tough as nf with better optics.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED WTB: B&C Medalist for WBY VG LA

    Looking to buy to replace the stock on a WBY Vanguard .300 WBY MAG. Adam 208-794-1312
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    3-9X40 or 10x42 for mid-long range .257

    what about installing kenton industry turrents, i see they can make one for the zeiss that will quickly dial in 100 yard incruments based on your load.
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    3-9X40 or 10x42 for mid-long range .257

    My 10x42 ss came in this morning and a hunting buddy fell so in love with it, he is contemplating buying one, but here is the issue, wanted some feedback. His "long range" mule deer rifle is a Vangaurd .257. He currently has a mid-high end 3-9x40 scope on the rifle that has allowed accurate...
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    Weaver Tactical 6 hole rings on LR 17HMR

    So I have started a 6.5x284 LR build on another Thread, and wanting to learn Mil Dot ranging and use have ordered a SS 10x42 scope for the project. Until it is done ( a ways out) I want to mount the scope on my LR 17HMR, and practice learning the reticle and dailing in. (the hmr allows me...
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    Long Range 17hmr

    Heres a 17 HMR that I have worked on. Deadly accurate, looks pretty cool (IMO) and put together realtively cheap. Have killed ground squirrels and badgers out to 225 yards. Scope is a sightron SI 3-9X40 (Soon to be upgraded to a bushnell elite 10X40). Stock was a blem from Boyds, sanded it down...
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    First Long Range Hunting Build

    If I could come up with the extra money, what are your guys thoughts on either one of these? Vortex 4-16x50 Viper PST 30mm Rifle Scope Weaver 3-15x50 Tactical 30mm Rifle Scope
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    Camp Perry Any Rifle Any Sight type shooting competitions

    I am really starting to get into the long range hunting/shooting disciplines...(Building a new rifle on another thread) but have had my interest peaked in something I know nothing about. I have heard about Long Range Competitions that allow any rifle any sight or I guess more of a hunting...
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    First Long Range Hunting Build

    Well I got the Stevens today (bought a .243) going to try to sell the barrel and stock to offset costs. Got out later then expected so I wasn't able to do my parts ordering, going to try to get it done tomorrow. Thought I would share that I already have a tweak. I was set on the .260, but...
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    First Long Range Hunting Build

    Thanks for all the responses. I have tweeked a few things and made some decision on final parts. Going down to buy a stock stevens 200 today and will order all the parts this afternoon. Going to give updates as the build progresses. This is what it will entail... Caliber - .260 rem Stevens...
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    First Long Range Hunting Build

    Here is a question, what do you think of possibly designating this as a target, deer, antelope rifle only and switching it to a 6.5x47 lapua. with the 26' barrel, should be able to get 2900 FPS with 130 berger vld.