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    I GIVE! What is this accessory?

    Well, I just received a new Zeiss V-4. Just like you there was one of these cards in the box too. Now I know what the heck its for..... Ha Ha Ha THANKS!!!!!!
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    Savage 4.27 stock

    P. M. sent....
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    $1225 shipped Nightforce NXS 5.5-22x50 with np-r1reticle

    I agree with Country, Pic of reticle looks a lot like NP-R1, my personal favorite!!
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    LNIB Remington 700 R5 Stainless Rifle, .223 Rem

    I have one of those Gen 1 5R 223's. I love it, & it shoots very well!!!! My favorite Ground Squirrel Rifle!!!! If anyone is looking for a nice 223 rifle, this would be a good one, for sure!!!!! Good Luck with your sale!!!!!! Idaho-5R
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    Dillon 45acp dies

    Seems I'm always Too late....... Seconds on the dies, if deal falls through.....!
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Remington 700 LVSF 223

    I have this same rifle!! They are fine "Walking Varmint Rifles". Good Luck with your sale!!!! Free bump up.....
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Rem 700 Mil-Spec 5R Gen2 .260Rem ***Price Lowered***

    I can not believe someone hasn't jumped on this rifle!!! These Remington 5Rs are a great rifle... I have a couple of the first generation ones, & they shoot very well. Mr. CjC73 told me that even tho he has shot this very little, it groups very well!! And, the 260 is no slouch!!! Great rifle...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Remington 700 LVSF 223AI - price lowered

    Free Bump. Looks like a nice rig! I've got an original LVSF 223. I definitely like the looks of your B&C stock over the one mine came with... Good Luck with your sale!!!! Someone out there should want a nice handy rig like yours in the great 223 AI caliber!!!!
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Remington 700 VSF 220swift HS precision stock

    Very Nice setup!!!! Nice looking.. I love those HS-P stocks!!!! Someone out there who is a "Swift" Fan should be jumping on this Rifle!!!! Good Luck with your sale.......
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    Bruno’s has H1000, H4350 and more in stock

    They show some 1# jugs of Varget at this time.....
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Ruger Custom Security Six 357 Mag *** SOLD ***

    Free Bump Up for a very nice Security-Six!!!! They are very nice pistols!!!!!!
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    LNIB Remington 700 R5 Stainless Rifle, .223 Rem

    Free Bump for a Nice 223 Rifle. I have one just like it, & I Love that thing!!!! Good Luck with your sale!
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    .308 win

    I have to agree with all here, I love the "Good Ole 308"!!!!! I have a Remmy 5R 308, also a 5R 300 WM, & a built 6x47L Remmy 700....... The built 6x47L might be slightly more accurate, But, I still Love shooting the 308 more!!!!
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    FS HS Precision R700 LA

    Sure wish that was a Short Action Remmy!!!!!!!!!
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    Off the market

    Have a friend with one of these rifles in 260 Remington. Very nice, very accurate rifles!!! Free bump on a nice rifle!! Good Luck with your sale...

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