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    Mountain goat bullet selection.

    I filled my resident WY Mtn goat in 2018. 6.5x284: 140 Berger Hunting VLD’s. 1st shot @ 444 yds. He went 30 yds out of sight and bedded, put one more in him to finish the job at 330 yds. He never got up. What area did you draw? My Bro-in-law drew the same tag in about luck!
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    SOLD/EXPIRED WTB 10x42 Binos

    I’ve got some Maven C.1 12x42’s that I would sell you for $300 TYD. They’re just a little big for my boy. PM if interested and I can get you pics.
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    Bullet puller

    I just bought a Grip-n-Pull. I’ve pulled around 70 bullets with it. It’s works good for volume batches. It will wear on your hand a little and can scuff the bullet. If it’s for small volume, I’d go with the hammer style. Just make sure there is some felt in the nose of the hammer so you...
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    WTB 300 rum brass FOUND SOME

    Greg, apparently I need to learn how to count again. I had some Weatherby brass mixed in. Please just PM me your address and I’ll send you what I do have free of charge! It will be 37 pieces coming your way. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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    WTB 300 rum brass FOUND SOME

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    WTB 300 rum brass FOUND SOME

    I’ve got a total of 66 that I’d sell you. • 23 - Nosler Custom, brand new • 23 - Nosler Custom, once fired/resized. From same box as new stuff. • 20 - Remington, once fired/resized $50 plus shipping
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    Berger bullets I no longer use

    Sent you PM for partial trade
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    Boot recommendation

    I’ve went through multiple pairs of Meidls, the IQ is a good boot. The Danner Elk hunter was pretty descent. I never tried Kenetrek, too much arch for me. I’ve been running Lathrop & Sons since 2018 and I really like em. They are not cheap, you will spend near $1000 if you have them make a...
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    18" 7mm SAUM twist rate

    Gonna go with 1:8. Thanks all for the help! The Berger Stability Calculator is a cool tool. I’ll keep you guys posted.
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    N570 and the 6.5x284.

    I had great luck with H4831, never looked back.
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    18" 7mm SAUM twist rate

    Thanks for all of your input, I appreciate it. I plan on starting out with Berger’s and ELD-X.
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    18" 7mm SAUM twist rate

    I'm really wanting to do a short barreled 7saum. I'm not just sure what twist rate to go with, my plan is to shoot 162 - 175gr bullets. I've read a bunch of different threads on here, as well as, rokslide, accurate shooter, snipers hide and others. What I'm finding is that none of these...
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    Berger Bullets on Game. Specifically 6.5

    6.5x284. 2940 FPS. 140 Berger VLD Hunting •3-Whitetail bucks ranging from 40 to 80 yards. All took less than 20 steps but did not drop in their tracks •Cow Elk at 380 yards-5 steps •Cow elk at 250 yards-DRT •Bull elk at 270 yards-DRT •Antelope at 635 yards-DRT •Antelope at 360 yards-5 steps...
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    Best pack for mountain hunting

    I’ve been using the Kuiu Icon Pro since 2018. I got the 3200 and 7200 bag along with the suspension. I normally just have the 3200 bag on and I do like it. It is nice because you can pack game bags/quarters in between the pack and suspension. I used the 7200 bag on my Mtn goat hunt and I...