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    SOLD/EXPIRED wtt 6.8 spc ar 15

    PM sent
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    Longest .17HMR kill?

    My longest 17 HMR kill was 300yrds on a prairie dog. 17grn v-max. 5-6 mph full value from the 6 o'clock. I had to shoot it twice to get it to stay down. No exits just two pencil holes.
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    Give Away Contest - Huskemaw Blue Diamond 3-12 Rifle Scope

    Enter me in the huskemaw scope contest
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    v-max for coyotes??

    I only have experiance with the V-Max in a .223 but it preforms flawlessly for me. All coyotes have dropped in their tracks, though flawlessly for me is a dead coyote that I don't have to chase. I shoot a .243 also but only use 100 SP. I think it is being a little optimistic thinking that any...
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    need help w/poor grouping- Savage model 11 Long Range Hunter 308

    I was having a big problem with my savage 111 fcns which is similar to the long range hunter. It would group 2-4 inch groups @ 100 yards. I was really disappointed but I was reading in the manual and it said the action screws needed to be tightened to 40 lbs per inch I did that it fixed the...
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    Land Status Maps

    I also used it for Utah and it shows the different land statuses for there also. Haven't really checked any of the other states. I don't own a garmin gps capable of the landowner maps or I would have them in an instant. They look great. But being a poor newly married college student it just...
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    Land Status Maps

    Don't know if any of you are aware of this site but it shows public and private property and many other things. It can be hard to navigate but once you get used to it, it is great. Does anyone else have any other programs or sites like this? GeoCommunicator Mac
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    40" & 30" Buck Pictures

    From what I heard they are a herd that hangs around the ATK plant in Utah. You can't shoot a rifle on their property (which makes perfect sense seeing as they build rockets and have fuel running around the area) and I don't even think they have hunting there...that is why they hang around...I...