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    270 win Rebarrel

    Look at IBI barrels. Put one on my mod 70 and it’s a tack driver. Spiral fluting looks great too
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    Have you taught anyone to reload ?

    Yup. Have converted and helped 3 friend so far to reloading their own.
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    New Member from British Columbia

    Welcome. I’m also from B.C., hunt lots, long range shoot, And read this form regularly. Taking another long range shooting course in March at the WSSBC conference in Kamloops put on by Jim Gilliland of Shadow Six Consulting.
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    Shockey joins Christensen Arms

    IMO, Guys like Jim are great for hunting because he is conscious of giving back to support what we love doing. Advocacy is important because whether we are hunters, or shooters, or both we are greatly outnumbered by urban folk that understand nothing about what we do. In Canada he has used his...
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    To those interested in the cartridge why 300 PRC?

    Not due to the hype, rather the idea of a newer design tailored for the higher BC bullets is what interests me. Once my 30-06 barrel is shot out I think I will be trying the PRC. The other reason I am looking for more of magnum performance is when I moose hunt Northern BC, we are seeing an...
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    Win Model 70 Barrel suggestions

    I live in BC and tend to be a single-gun type shooter/hunter. I hunt deer and bear down here but also go North each year for moose and caribou. I also like longer range shooting when not hunting.
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    Win Model 70 Barrel suggestions

    Ya just guessing. Could possibly be closer to 3000... I’m going to shoot it more again this week when it’s dead calm to give it another try.
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    Win Model 70 Barrel suggestions

    I was at the range today and my previously great groups are opening up. I think I am over 2000 rounds through it and today I was getting fliers opening up to 2”+ at 100 yards. This is why I am investigating my options.
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    Win Model 70 Barrel suggestions

    Awesome, Thanks for the info, I'll have a look at those brands!
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    Win Model 70 Barrel suggestions

    Hi All, I have a Winchester Model 70 Extreme SS in a 30-06 that is only a few years old, but I reload and shoot a LOT. I think my barrel may be coming to the end it's life in the near future. I have been very happy with accuracy to this point as I am getting .3 to .5" 100 yard groups shooting...
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    28 nosler 175 eldx

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    Optics for aging eyes

    I have a Swaro X5 in 50mm and it is amazing for my old eyes!
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    How do you drag game out?

    Even easier, I have one of these too...
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    How do you drag game out?

    If close enough to drag out whole, I use 2 climbing loops (tough nylon mtn climbing straps that come sewn into a loop). Wrap one around each antler base then thrown each one over a shoulder like a pack. This lifts the head up off the ground to get over obstacles and frees up your hands. Lean...
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    30-06 Load Development

    My Win Model 70 30-06 with a 22" barrel loves the 168 TSX, but not the TTSX. My grouping is 0.3-0.5" using IMR 4350. Make sure you read up on TSX seating depth. They like a jump so set them back from the lands a ways.