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    Does anyone hunt with 22-250 anymore?

    Love the 22-250, but not a lot of targets where I am. To many people and houses now.
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    Picatinny Rails. Is there much difference in different manufacturers?

    Good advice all around. If you are going to be single shot loading, you might want the feed side of the rail beveled a bit.
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    Mysterious Barn find , scope

    I work at getting older, but not old. Does anybody have any other options?
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    Cutting foam in new rifle case

    I have done this several times when flying or driving to a hunt destination. My soft cases have a pocket, so I also take the bolt out and put it in the pocket. Works with 2 rifles in my big case. If there is extra room I will add other hunting items in a small stuff sack like my knife, compass...
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    Krag 30-40 Ammo Needs

    A couple of pics of my buddy's 30-40 Krag single shot. Please ignore the other items in the photos that don't belong with this rifle. I should have prepped the shot better.
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    Krag 30-40 Ammo Needs

    Nothing wrong with deer sized groups !!!
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    Krag 30-40 Ammo Needs

    My friend has a 30-40 Krag single shot he wants to shoot, so I bought dies & bullets. I have some suitable powders ands primers, just need brass. I picked up some partial boxes of "vintage" and somewhat suspect ammo at local gun shows. I will probably break them down to see if the brass can be...
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    45 ACP on Brown Bear.????

    Yes, but there are black bears whose color phase is more brownish, often referred to as "cinnamon" bears. There is more to that story than what we have here. Any large bear need to be respected and handled carefully.
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    45 ACP on Brown Bear.????

    Obviously you don't know much about Phil Shoemaker, but the story line is that it was during a guided FISHING trip. Most of this discussion is about accidental bear encounters, not backup on a bear hunt.
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    45 ACP on Brown Bear.????

    I would probably choose the high capacity Glock in 10mm over any standard 1911 in 45 ACP. But what I would really prefer is a high cap shotgun loaded with slugs...
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    45 ACP on Brown Bear.????

    Were there any survivors ?
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    How many 30 calibers do I really need?

    I too have been simplifying my inventory to only the guns that I choose to shoot frequently because I like them. I don't want any gathering dust or just being a "collectable investment". Sure there may be some caliber overlap or duplicates in the safe, but they are all active shooters. I don't...
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    Hogs starting to move in

    The reproduction rate makes it hard to control the population. You may never eradicate them and others can move in as you are experiencing. Trapping them might be your best early solution to reduce the population. It is certainly more efficient and does not seem to overeducate the pigs like...
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    Pulled pork from a wild hog... your experience?

    In Florida the brine often includes oranges or vinegar, with without bourbon as the cook prefers. I like to use canned pineapple juice in the brine, with a fresh chopped up pineapple tossed in. I save the bourbon for the sauce. The Star Anise sounds like a good addition; I look forward to trying...
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    Peterson Brass Article - New Caliber Development

    Incredibly it is often the marketing/communications people who misspeak the most. We all know that a cartridge is the assembled unit consisting of case, primer, powder, and bullet components. Sometimes the lips move in spite of what the brain knows.