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    Best way to anneal brass?

    I have never annealed any of my brass. I have several hundered 22-250 cases that I have loaded 4-5 times I am thinking it is time to anneal them. I was wondering what the best way to do this is?
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    7mm-08, 150MK, RE15= excellent!

    Hey, Jay thanks for the info on the MKs in the 7-08. I have been meaning to try the 150s I picked up, but work has not given me the time to do so. I have had great success with the nosler BTs and varget. I will be sure and keep RL15 in mind. Thanks again and keep us posted on MK proformance on...
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    Gps witch one to buy??

    I have a Garmin 12XL and love it, it is great. I have use the magellen GPS 2000,2000XL, and 310.THese worked ok, the 2000's are pretty slow. The two GPS 310's I use would lock up some times as you were navigating back to a waypoint. Our project leader sent them back to be checked out.I have not...
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    162 Amax load for 7mm-08?

    Does any one have any recommendations for this combo? I want to try the Amax because of the higher BC,than the ballistic tips I am using now. Have also thought about the 168gr seirra mk,but according to my RCBS load program the Amax's BC is .625 the MK's is only .494. Any thoughts on wheather...
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    How are you new members finding us?

    Found this great site searching the web for web pages on "Long Range Hunting". Lots of great info, thanks for sharing guys. Hunter700
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    Semi-newb ballistics question?

    hey, Do not know if your 1/12 barrel will stabilize the 60 grainers. Twist chart on my RCBS load cd-rom says you need at least a 1/11 twist. Have you thought about some of the 55 grainers like noslers balistic tip or seirras blitz king? BC's on both of these bullets are very close to the 60...
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    Jim, Have you thought about maybe 260rem or 7mm-08rem, for your rig. I do not know much about the 260 but I have a 7-08rem. It is a very accurate cartridge. With my 24" tube ballistics are comparable to my 22" tubed 30-06. Just my 2 cents. good luck on the project. Hunter700

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