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    Custom 6.5x284 - Whats it worth?

    So I got this gun on trade and am debating on what I want to do with it. This is what I know about it: Browning trued stainless action Douglas Select Match Barrel HS Precision Stock Alum Bedded Timney Trigger He said he put less than 50 rounds through the gun. From looking it over I don't have...
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    Hoyt Hyperforce

    I bought this bow in September and it went out to the woods maybe 5-6 times. Just really wanting to get into a new rifle. Currently set at 29" draw but is adjustable 27-30" and set at 66#. Has custom Threadz strings, but will also come with the factory strings that are like new. I will leave the...
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    Your 'yote rifle and...

    Browning Maxus. Bought it as a waterfowl gun and I think it has more yotes than ducks.
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    DEER JERKY!!!!!

    Man that jerky looks good.
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    First western hunt what game animal would you chase?

    Having done most of them.....there is nothing like chasing bugling elk in the aspens.
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    Archery Blacktail

    Congrats on an awesome Blacktail.
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    Coyotes with 22 long rifle

    I have tried the .22 on coyotes a few times while squirrel hunting or rabbit hunting. Just not enough there to anchor one with anything other than a head shot.
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    Replacement for 220 Swift

    The one gun I regret selling more than anything was my 700 LVSF .220. That gun was an absolute coyote killing machine.
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    22 cal showdown

    I second or third or whatever the .22/250. Such a versatile round and puts coyotes down.
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    Your 'yote rifle and...

    .22/250 and sometimes the Browning 12ga for those close encounters.
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    Free Range Hunts Vs. High Fence

    I get some people don't have the time to put into hunting free range whitetails. That and they have a ton of money. There is a place for high fence hunting, but it just isn't for me. I am lucky to have the land and resources I do, but I just can ever see wanting to go kill a deer in a pen.
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    Longest coyote kill. Gun and what state u live in.

    Remington 700 .220 Swift at 287 yds. I am in central Mo, we don't have a lot of spots around here where you can see a yote at the range some of you have killed them.
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    My favorite caliber

    As others have said already, .30-06 is my favorite "do it all" round.

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