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    Dedicated Turkey Gun

    I used to think so too until I tried them. Buy them after turkey season on sale for half price. I like my turkeys at about 45 yards but if one hangs up at 75-80 I’m killing him. Remington 870 super mag with 3.5 TSS no.9.
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    What’s your favorite big game hunt ?

    Nothing quite like calling in one of those thunder chickens in the spring.
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    Length of comments.

    I will admit that one of my guns is a 6.5 creed and I like it but every gun has there own purpose and I’m definitely not taking it elk hunting. There’s bigger rifles for that.
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    Bad morning for ALL involved here.....

    That’s the reason I drive a 3500 dually. Big enough that if I do hit one it will hopefully do the deer more damage than me.
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    WTS Clean Classic Remington 11-48 12ga Shotgun

    Nice gun. Wish I needed it but I already have more shotguns than I can use.
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    Benelli Ethos

    Just wondering if I should go with the sport version or the field version.
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    Benelli Ethos

    Hey guys just wondering if anyone on here has experience with the benelli ethos. I’m wanting to buy one and really love how they feel but wanted to see if anyone has actually shot one and how they liked it. Thanks
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    Sub $1000 rifle option

    I think Tikka is the way to go. I have a Tikka T3x in 6.5 and couldn’t be happier with it for an off the shelf gun. No problem hitting gophers well beyond 300 yards. The gun really likes the Hornady precision hunter ELDX if you want to stay with factory ammo. I do think getting a custom stock...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED (FOUND!!!) Where Are All The Pheasant Shells?

    Don’t know if your flying or driving but here in KY close to Bowling Green there is a store that’s pretty well stocked with shotgun ammo. Not sure which route you’d be taking if you go but if you’re driving it looks like you could come through this area. If they don’t have any I could dig into...
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    Best shot shell reloader

    I’m not too worried about getting anything too complicated because I am sure that I can look up videos on YouTube if I can’t figure it out. Most of the shells are run through a semi auto but I also have a couple double barrels
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    Best shot shell reloader

    So your saying that I have to make sure that I get a press with a taper crimp?I am totally new to reloading so this would be the first reloading press that I get but I want to make sure I get something that I’m not going to have to upgrade right away. Thanks
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    Best shot shell reloader

    Hey fellas what is the best shot shell reloader? I only have a couple 12 gauge at the time but want to get a couple 20 to later. I do a fair amount of clay pigeon shooting so I want something that I can reload fairly large quantities with. Thanks
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    Bird dogs

    Love that pic. I wish we had pheasants around here. Something I’ve always wanted to hunt
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    New member

    Welcome from Kentucky.
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    WTT SBE3 Turkey for M2

    Let me know when you get ready to sell it. Depending how the money situation is I might buy it. I just bought 2 others last Saturday.