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    Neck Bushing Question

    Thanks for all the replies. I have a .337 and gave it a try. Worked like a charm!
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    Neck Bushing Question

    Hope someone can help me with a neck bushing question. Background: I am loading .308 Winchester using Lapua brass and Hornady 178-gr ELD-x bullets. The loaded rounds have a neck diameter of .337. I am using a .335 bushing in a Redding die. Prior to resizing a spent casing the neck...
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    Large bore coyote kills

    300 RUM loaded with a 208 Grain Hornady ELD-M at 3152 FPS. Shot was just under 80 yards.
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    2 AZ Coues Deer

    My oldest son Noah and I drew rifle Coues deer tags in southern AZ. We put a lot of time in scouting ahead of the hunt and saw some great bucks. As it always seems to turn out, opening morning found the hills packed with road hunters in their UTVs and trucks zipping up and down the dirt roads...
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    Noah’s AZ Coues White Tail

    I have been a longtime Long Range Hunting “lurker” but never post. Here is a quick write up of my 17-year old boy’s Coues hunt in southern AZ (36B). Noah filled his last AZ Junior's deer tag this morning. We spent three days hiking and glassing from well before sunrise to a little after...