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    What bow brand do you shoot

    Lol! No training wheels for me either!!! I shoot a Howard Hill longbow & a Montana recurve.
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    Do You Hunt Ducks or Geese?

    Only way to have it, up close & personal!!!
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    Remington Model 700 VL SS Thumbhole VS Savage Model: 12 BTCSS

    Yeah, I've been hearing really good things about Savage, nothing negative, Remington seems to be lacking in the quality department, so I've read. I don't really have much experience with Savage, I have a Mark II .22Lr & it is a great little gun, always had good luck with my 700's though...
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    Remington Model 700 VL SS Thumbhole VS Savage Model: 12 BTCSS

    Hey there, I'm in the market for a new 22-250. I was looking at these two rifles, what one would you choose of the two & why?
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    Do You Hunt Ducks or Geese?

    I shoot a Benelli SBE II, no I don't reload, I am great friends with the owner of a local hunting store in NB & he sells me my ammo at cost. I looked into reloading tungsten & 3.5" steel a while ago & the cost of buying all the equipment plus components it was still quite pricey, not to...
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    Do You Hunt Ducks or Geese?

    YES! It is my passion also, I love the non stop action of waterfowl hunting, can't beat it!!!
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    Do you hunt big game with a bow?

    Yup, with traditional bows only.
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    Do You Hunt Turkeys?

    I wish, we don't have a huntable population of them in NB yet.
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    Do You Shoot Archery Competition?

    Yup, I love shooting 3D tournaments, I shoot a traditional bow.
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    What does your vanity plate say?

    I don't have a pic but it say's HUNT247
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    Swarovski Riflescope - $2,000 Give Away Contest From Cameraland

    "Enter Me In The Swarovski/Cameraland Contest"
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    High End Flashlights

    Heres some high end flashlights, they are unreal. FoxFury - Hands-Free, Application Specific Lights
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    Another perfect coyote gun

    Wow! I thought a 325wsm would have blown through a coyote!!! haha:D
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    Recoil - 300 Ultra vs 338 Ultra

    The only person that can answer that question is you, everyone on this forum has a different tolerance for recoil. Some don't like any recoil & some can take a really healthy dose without batting an eye. For me personally, I own a 300 ultra & have put quite a few rounds down a 338 ultra, the...
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    Sight In Question

    I'm not bothered by the recoil, I don't have a problem shooting the gun all morning, I just can't use the same shooting style with my bigger guns as I do with my smaller calibre guns= very relaxed with little tension, I might have to look into a lead sled or something.