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    SOLD/EXPIRED 300 rum sendero vx-6 fed 215's

    I'm interested in the package deal if still available...thx!
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    Poor man's grand

    Can't speak for anything but the sendero as I haven't held or shot the other rifle. I absolutely love my rifle with the exception of the hand position of the HS Precision stock and the way it puts my finger in an awkward manner over the trigger...your body isn't the same as mine though (I might...
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    7mm Rem Mag Rem 700 Sendero load?

    Posting virgin...popping my cherry. I'm curious to see how this turns out for you, I bought several different boxes of premium factory ammo to test bullets in my 7mm sendero (hornady, berger/hsm, barnes) and the 168 grain berger's did not group well. Barnes 160 TSX grouped 1/2 MOA and did well...