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    One trash panda down

    I know as do possums.
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    One trash panda down

    My dad started my brothers and I out hunting and trapping like many of you. I think the first time we were hunting together for pheasants, dad had his single shot Iver Johnson 12 guage and my 2 brothers and I took turns carrying our BB gun. Dad passed away in April 2020. We spent a lot of...
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    N130 With Absolute Hammers 308

    I am very interested as I have 2 788 rifles in .308.
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    Introduction. Quadriplegic with adaptive shooting mount who shoots F-Class and hunts long range.

    Welcome to the forum! You are an inspiration to all of us.
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    One trash panda down

    I know they like cat food. Getting the thermal vision purchase past the budget director is the problem.
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    One trash panda down

    Got another one last night, need to get more traps.
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    One trash panda down

    It seems that coons are like water. If one is taken out another one comes to take it's place.
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    One trash panda down

    I live on a small acreage in west central Iowa. We are always overrun with coons, skunks, possums and the like. We always have problems with coons getting in the sweet corn. I got my first one last night in a dog proof trap using marshmallows and a little cat food. The first of many I hope.
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    Standard 270 win

    That is a good rule for any cartridge. I just bought a 270 last winter just because of ammo availability.
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    I made a mistake, learn from mine.

    As they say, the only people that never make mistakes are the ones that never do anything.
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    FFL Mixup with online purchase.

    Last summer, a friend of mine received a package delivered by UPS. It had his name and address on the label. He opened it up and it was a Henry .22 lever action and a Remington 700 6.5 Creedmoor. It was shipped from California and was supposed to have gone to a Cabela's in the area. He...
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    I was thinking about the 7.5 Swiss reading the posts. My uncle would get .284 brass and resize it to make 7.5 Swiss. That cartridge is supposed to have more powder capacity than an .30-06. My dad had a K31 in that cartridge.
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    My buddies 2020 whitetail with a little droptine

    Nice buck and video.
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    Hammer hunter bullet close range performance?

    I am interested in the hammer bullets in .355 for the 350 legend. We can only use straight walled cartridges here. I wonder how they would compare with what is on the market now.