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    Mallorca and wild goats

    Very interesting story! I am an Aussie, but my younger daughter lives in Mallorca with her English husband, in Port Soller - not far from where you hunted, I think. When I was there 2 years ago we sometimes came across goats at short range when walking the bushy tracks over the hills. They...
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    Reticle Perpendicularity by Darrell Holland

    This is an interesting discussion. I have always just "eyeballed" the rifle/mounts level & sighted on a distant vertial pole, side of a building, etc. But recently I did this as usual, & my son thought I had aligned the reticle at a slight angle. He is left-handed, so I thought he must just be...
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    bear hunters undergunned ?

    I have been to South Africa twice, & the PH there told me that he gets a lot of clients who come with too big a rifle, that they just can't shoot accurately. The 460 Wby is just this sort of gun, with impressive velocity & energy, but many people just can't aim it properly when they know that a...
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    rebarrel a .308 to ???

    Thanks for that suggestion. Thoughts on 280 Rem had crossed my mind, but I had not gone the extra step to the Ackley improved version. My son has a 7mm Rem Mag - which never fails unless his aim is off. His latest kill was a big sambar doe for meat, shot with a 175 grain Nosler Partition...
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    rebarrel a .308 to ???

    I live in SE Australia, & I have a Weatherby Mk V in .308W caliber. I have a hankering to rebarrel it to a caliber which can make full use of the action length (30-06 length with a spacer in the magazine) It just seems a pity to have a medium-length action & not utilise it. So I wonder if it...