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    Rifle scope-FFP-Mil/mil-capped windage turret-under 25oz-

    I kinda like the FDE colored LRTS. I’ve always wished they would have offered the illuminated version in that color. John
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    Opening Day Dilemma: .270 or 6.5 Creedmoor

    I’d take the one I have the most confidence in, ie the one that I hit the best with in my long range practice sessions. If there was no difference, I’d likely take the Creedmoor just to irritate all the folks that spend 24/7 trying to justify the reasons they hate it. John
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    250 Savage AI Build

    Not sure if the 22-250 mag box has a spacer in it or not, but if it does, use a .243 mag box and you should be fine. John
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    Best Do It All Shotgun?

    OK folks, I really appreciate all the responses but have to go a different direction. This is a Christmas gift and a little more intel tells me he wants an over/under 12 ga. Recommendations in the < $1400 range? Thanks, John
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    Best Do It All Shotgun?

    I appreciate all the suggestions. Leaning toward one of these. Anyone have any experience with it? Thanks, John
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    Best Do It All Shotgun?

    I shoot a few Dove and Quail but am mainly a rifle guy so am soliciting experience formed opinions on what the best Do It All shotgun would be. Do It All being mostly dove and quail with occasional waterfowl. I would want nice walnut or a synthetic walnut. My son has a Beretta A390 with a...
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    Bought a .270 Today

    Haven’t owned a .270 in years but can’t really say why, as I have more DRT kills with a .270 than any other cartridge. I will likely have another .270 built one day, but when I do, it will probably have a 8.5” twist so I can shoot the Berger 170gr EOLs and similar as they are introduced. John
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    Fury 5000 rangefinding bino's

    Shooter72, Did you get my PM? John
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    Fury 5000 rangefinding bino's

    PM to you. John
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    6.5 Creedmoor Chassis Rifle

    Oops. No Tikka. Sorry. John
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    6.5 Creedmoor Chassis Rifle John
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    LPVO - USO TS-8X RBR in Aero Precision Mount

    Sold. PM to you. John
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    LPVO - USO TS-8X RBR in Aero Precision Mount

    Great condition. Pristine glass. Comes mounted in Aero Precision mount with box, lens caps, owner’s manual. $525 shipped. 1st “I’ll take it” wins. John
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    Best 6.5 creed brass?

    So does Alpha. John
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    Best 6.5 creed brass?

    I‘ve used Lapua and Alpha. Both are outstanding. Alpha is every bit as good as Lapua, and American made if that matters to you. John